Help! Did we screw up? Vent-A-Hood only 21" deep (X-Post)

new_2_njMarch 25, 2013

Hi all,

I posted this in appliances, but I figured it couldn't hurt to access all the knowledge of this forum as well. We got an amazing deal on a Vent-A-Hood (SLH9-236SS). It seemed perfect in every way - 36" for our 30" Blue Star RNB, 600 CFM's so no MUA issues, great looking, great brand. I thought non-custom hoods came in two depths - 24" and 27", but this one is 21"! It's this going to be a problem? It seems like yes from a performance standpoint, but why would they make this depth at all? No cooktop is that shallow. Should we try to build out the back wall, so it will protude further? From the picture it looks like there is some play because the top is not flush with the bottom of the cabinet. I'm mostly concerned because the 22k BTU burners are in the front and won't be covered by the hood. Ugh - I knew it was too good to be true.

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Well, you can bump it out if possible - but I wouldn't lose sleep over the issue. Yes, 24" or 27" would be better but your hood should work reasonable well. With the fan running, stuff from the front burners will be pulled back up into the hood. In my case, my hood is only 19" deep and it works reasonably well. I do get some grease on the outside front of the hood - but it's not terrible and cleans off easily.

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Thanks! I'm still waiting to hear back from our contractor to see if we can bump it. I've tried a million searches to get info on this this, but no article references a hood shorter than the range. All assume they will extend at least to the end.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Mine is 22.5" to front lip, offset 3" from the back wall, because of the hanging brackets. (Retrofitted to existing space.) Actually, my range is pulled out, too--I have 28" counters on that side of the kitchen. I used fillers for both.

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There are lots of threads about this, and I think I have just scratched the surface. I included one thread below that talks about having the hood or something angled to deflect the smoke into the fan.

I'm still researching this myself, and I found this thread to be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hood insert not as deep as stovetop

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