Krystal Pure Water Softener from Lowes

indygalFebruary 11, 2008

A salesman at Lowes made a big pitch for their Krystal Pure Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis systems. He said they're built by GE and are comparable to much more expensive units. Anyone have experience with these or any knowledge about them?

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I was doing some forum searching and ran across this message. We purchased both a Krystal Pure R-O and water softener for our house in Az to replace 10-year-old units that were not doing their job (well, the softener wasn't; the R-O was doing OK).

Both the units seem fairly well constructed. I'm not sure if they're made by GE completely, but the controller for the water softener is a GE. In the Phoenix area, the local installer that Lowe's uses is AmeriFlow. We were very impressed with their installation guys (and have since used them for some other plumbing needs). I think AmeriFLow may make the Krystal Pure units, but am not 100% certain.

You can do a google search for both "Krystal Pure" and AmeriFlow to find their web sites.

Overall, we have been very pleased. One thing I liked on both units is that they supply full operational manuals, so for little things it's not like you have to call for service. Both seem very solid, and the installation offers that Lowe's is currently offering ($20) really can't be beat.

We used to have a Culligan's unit in our old house, and I would say that the Krystal Pure is as good as that one.

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I went to lowes and took a look at the Krystal Pure water softer. I paid the $35.00 dollar fee inorder to get my water tested (had to inorder to buy the softner). The $35.00 didn't seem that bad since I figured I would go ahead and install the softner. Plus they have a deal going on where it's $20.00 to install if you have a loop. This is where it gets interesting, they come out and look at the water and says there is not bacteria. He ran his hand through the water and he advised there was no bacteria. Not kidding!!!! My house was just built, in the process we had our plumber put a drain in and a loop for a future softner. The plumber that came out with the Krystal pure salesman advises it would be a $440.00 install. He said I didn't have a loop and it would require several hours of labor (you can see the loop). That's funny because both Culligan and Kenitico both advised an easy install since I have loop and both were less than $120.00. What a scam!!!!!! Needless to say, never pay the $35.00 for the test, it's a joke!!!! It may be different at another Lowe's but the one that comes out in Moorseville, IN is a waste!!!!

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I don't recommend buying a water softner from Lowes since their installer/service provider is located in Seymour, IN under the name of Indiana Water Solutions. Mine is less than 2 years old and still under warranty, but I'm trashing it due to the problems with Indiana Water Solutions in Seymour. After 16 months of soft water, the softner stopped generating. The manual button wouldn't generate it either. I called the 812 Seymour number on the sticker on the softner and found out the phone had been disconnected. Called Lowes to see who was doing their service now. Lowes gave me phone number of district mgr. I called him he told me IWS was still in business but Justin was using only his cell phone now. A little suspicious hearing that. Anyway he gave me the cell number and said if I didn't hear back from Justin within a couple days to call him back. Well, on the second day after my call, Justin calls me back and I can't get service until he's coming back to Indy for other customers. I think it turned out to be four days. Anyway, he says the district mgr. says it sounds like my problem is a bad timer and he'll bring a new one with him. He shows up at the appointed time BUT he doesn't have a new timer with him. He goes out to the truck and brings in one that is either used or rebuilt--I don't know which--he installs it and it doesn't work either. So, I find out when he's done (90 minutes) that he has taken parts of my old timer and used parts from the one he brought and it is now working. I paid $99 for the service call. He said I'd get a receipt and a one-year warranty in the mail. Never came. Now, two weeks ago the softner is regerating and using salt but we don't have soft water. I'm not going to call IWS again and deal with that. I'm going to buy a new one on Monday--NOT AT LOWES. I paid $499 for the Krystal Pure and unfortunately, I got what I paid for.

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