Refreezing Bacon

khandiDecember 23, 2008

I took a package of bacon out of the freezer the other day, and now I don't want to cook it anytime soon cuz DD and DH are having stomach problems. Can I refreeze it?


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No, by the time you take it out'll be mush..cook it then freeze it..
Turn oven on to 425, line a lipped sheet with foil spread it out and bake until almost the texture you, wrap and put in the freezer...

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Thank you

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Not to be controversial but I've refrozen bacon without ill effects.
Maybe it was mushy and I didn't know better :)

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I refreeze bacon all the time....bacon doesn't go mushy....
Refreeze it you will never know.
Linda C

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The main reason you don't want to refreeze meats is safety.

When you defrost meat, it goes through the danger zone where any bacteria on it will 'come to life' and start reproducing. If you cook the food soon, you will kill the bacteria. However, if you refreeze it, you just put them in suspended animation--freezing DOES NOT kill bacteria. Cooking kills bacteria, but not the toxins they may leave behind. So by freezing, defrosting, refreezing, you're greatly increasing the danger to your family from the food.

Best to cook the bacon--that interupts the life cycle of the bacteria, and they will stop multiplying and producing the toxins that can make you sick.

Now, it's true that you can ignore the rules sometimes and get away with it--but who wants to take even a small chance with their family's health. Not worth it to me.

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If the meat has been kept cold, the "danger zone" has been avoided. If the meat has been allowed to warm to room temperature, that's a different thing.
Linda C

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A lot of our "fresh" meat today has come into the store frozen. It is thawed and placed on displayed. we take it home and freeze it thinking it is being frozen for the first time. I suspect that all of the meats in a store like Walmart come in already packaged and frozen.

Here is a link that might be useful: traveling and cooking with grandpa

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Well depends on the thickness too...

I have purchased thinner sliced bacon..and frozen it from the grocery...and it's difficult to handle when I take it out...(but I buy Nitrate free, so don't know if that changes "the breakdown" of the meat)
I usually purchase my bacon from a local butcher, it to is nitrate free, but much thicker. It goes straight in the freezer (it comes frozen)...Because it's so lean it tends to "sweat" a bit from being frozen.

But why not take 10-12 minutes and bake it..then it's that "ready" to use bacon when you only need a few slices...

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Bacon has so much salt in it that it should be perfectly safe to refreeze after a day or two. Personally, I would just have to fry it up and eat the whole pound myself.

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