Free Cats and Dogs Listings on Craigslist, etc.

MizAnnThropeJuly 14, 2013

Please do not post free cat and dog ads on CL or elsewhere. Dog fighters, python owners, gator fishermen, etc. get them and use them as bait. If you want to give up your pet, PLEASE take it an animal shelter. Wouldn't it be better that the poor animal is euthanized humanely at a shelter, rather than being torn apart by fight dogs? Plus, shelters have safeguards in place to ensure placement in a good home.

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This makes me physically ill. And I totally agree about "free" dog and cat ads.

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agree Vicki7....

this should be bumped to keep on page one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

horrible people who have no conscience, they will have to answer for their crimes on judgement day....

animals should never be used for our entertainment in any shape or form, its barbaric!!!!!

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Where is this being pulled from? Wouldn't surprise me if they are getting their jollies trying to incite people with the supposed tip commentary. But I know this does go on with the ads.

People with this mentality are the scum of the earth.

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I've seen and heard many, many stories of not only bait dogs and other bait animals, but fighting dogs, and stories of family pets that are kidnapped and TORTURED by conscienceless throwaway kids. Just google these subjects. I've attached a pic and a link to only a couple of many local stories in my area about stolen and tortured family pets. (I think if you click on the pic, the image will get bigger)

I'm shocked at how many people I know personally that are clueless about how pervasive these horrors are. I understand that people don't want to have to read about or acknowledge the ugly elements of our OVERALL society, but a quote like the above that is circulated among such sheltered people will, hopefully, enlighten people to the point that they will be more protective of their pets -- the innocent, tortured victims of such ignorance.

If you want proof of the validity of the above quote, google dog fighting and read all about it. There are dog fighting forums where these despicable people give each other tips, etc. - even on Yahoo. I personally cannot stomach it and, therefore, only read about it in detail once in a great while. The stories are haunting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kidnapped Mini Pin

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I was just saying people post outrageous stuff on the internet just to get people going. Not meaning that this one could not be legitimate.

They really need to clean up the internet of any type of criminal, perverse content and keep it under tabs. The "freedom" thing is out of control. They are promoting criminal activities with this sort of thing.

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spedigrees z4VT

This could be an actual post, or it might be contrived by someone wanting to make a point and warn people of the motives and methods of those involved in dog fighting, and the dangers of attempting to rehome a pet via an advertisement for a "free" dog.

It really doesn't matter if this particular post is genuine or not because that is probably how many "free Craigs List dogs" end up, and how those involved in the dog fighting trade procure "bait dogs."

It is horrifically sad, but perhaps this post, which has made its way through facebook and across the internet, will successfully warn well meaning people that Craigs List is not a safe vehicle for rehoming a pet.

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