Installing a granite double sink with garbage disposal

mori1February 21, 2012

I been trying to find information on how to correctly install a double bowl granite sink and have been coming up short. I was just planning on replacing the one I had with the same cheap stainless steel one. However, I got a great deal on a granite ( I think it might be composite) on craigslist. I hope to have a new faucet by tomorrow and in a week or two the garbage disposal. The granite is the same measurements as my old one accept the bowls are deeper and the drain holes are near the top instead of in the middle. I have new stainless steel disposer flange that I bought a few years back that fits for the disposal side. My question is can I use of the parts off my old sink for the granite one?

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Are you reinstalling the GD or is this a new one? If the thing is more than a few years old, now would be the time to replace it, rather than a year or two down the line when it will be harder to access.

Since the drain is more to the rear and perhaps deeper, recheck your clearances for the GD. It might not fit the new position.

Generally, I think you would not reuse the rubber components from the old GD on the new sink. Also, since the new sink is 'thicker', you may need different components.

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Actually the sink I have in there now is a double bowl stainless steel. The GB is new and never been installed. I just got the faucet yesterday and trying to make up my mind on the garbage disposal. Its only a few inches more so plenty of clearance just concern about installing it correctly and have to adjust the pvc pipes.

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Why would you want to reuse the existing disposal mount when a new one comes with the disposal kit?

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Sophie Wheeler

For a top mount sink, install the faucet to the sink and the garbage disposal and strainer assembly using the all new components supplied in the faucet and disposal boxes.

Disconnect old drain assembly from old sink and disposal, and turn off shot off valves to supply and unscrew from faucet. Disconnect DW drain from disposal.

Then use a utility blade to score the silicone holding the old sink to the granite and remove as much as you can. Check underneath to see if any sink clips were used.

Remove sink and old faucet and old GD. Clean up granite edge where silicone was.

Apply bead of silicon & drop new sink assembly into hole. Reconnect in the reverse order that you disconnected.

If this is an undermount sink, call a stone professional. It isn't an inexperienced DIYer job. You will need to find a replacement sink with the exact profile as the existing sink, which isn't an easy task. You may need some stonework to have it fit correctly, or it may not fit at all. I've seen way too many undermount sinks poorly mounted that fall down from the stone. Depending on how the original sink was installed and the size of the cabinet that the sink is fitting into, the sink may not be able to be replaced without pulling the stone counters. Way too many designers are too fond of cramming in a 33" sink in a 33" base and that gives you zero access room.

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There seems to be some misunderstanding so hopefully this post will clear it up.

The sink I have in there now is a double bowl stainless steel. I'm going to replace it with the top mount GD, which has the same measurements as the stainless one. With the exception of slightly deeper bowls and the drains holes are at the top instead of in the middle. I've already attached some of the new faucet to the GD. Once I get the garbage disposal I will be ready to remove the stainless steel sink and put the GD in.

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More confusing.

GD normally means Garbage Disposal

however, for you

GD means Granite Double

Do I have this right?

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I got the sink installed, it took longer then I thought it would. Getting the old one out was a piece of cake. The granite double bowl sink fit perfectly but mounting clips were a nightmare. I thought I could use the one I had taken off the old sink but plastic portion had crack. I got new ones but they didn't work neither did any of the mounting clips I bought. After wasting a day on this I finally called Swanstone and they sent me the ones I needed. I had been told that most people don't even bother with them, they just use the silicone to keep in place. I had put the silicone on first as instructed so it was already sealed by the end of the first day. I tried to use the clips that Swanstone sent me but after spending 45 minutes on one clip. I ended up using the silicone on the underside to make sure there were no leaks from the counter. Day two, I finished hooking up the lines and trying to seal the basket strainer drain and disposal flange. You'll not allowed to use plumber putty on anything just silicone which does take time to dry. Not being the patient type, tried to rush the process and ended up having to the whole thing over. Day 3 was hooking up the garbage disposal and the rest of the pvc plumbing parts. I can't tell the number of trips I made to the hardware store for parts and to have some of those parts cut for me because I suck at it. The last headache was the p trap that kept sliding down when it filled with water. I thought I got it until I ran the dishwasher and it leaked again. So I used teflon tape and really tighten it, so far so good.

I did get a waste king garbage disposal that didn't work with the nice disposal flange I had gotten because it was an ez mount and not a 3 bolt that I had expected. Thank goodness, I found this out before I had bother to install the sink or it would have been a really big mess. I did have to replace the Opella with Trim to the Trade but it turned out much nicer. For the main sink, I got a commercial grade oil rubbed bronze sink strainer drain.

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