Best Canned Cat Food?

rivkadrJuly 23, 2009

We recently made the switch to canned cat food for our cat. I need some suggestions on what brand to feed him, though. A few things:

- it has to be a brand that has at least one kind of food with no fish in it (our cat is allergic)

- it has to be pate style -- chunked or fileted, he just sits there and licks it instead of eating it. He's not too bright.

- has to be readily available at petsmart.

So, suggestions?

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This doesn't entirely meet your criteria because it is not available at Petsmart but instead you can buy it at Petco (I buy it online). It is called Natural Balance Limited Ingredient and I've found it in two flavors, Green Pea and Duck and Green Pea and Venison. My cats (3 of the 4) like it. Obviously it has no fish ingredient in it. It is also pate style. I started using it because I had a young cat with stomach issues.

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Odessa has been doing fine on Wellness Chicken for 2 years. Aside from a little kibble I give her for snacks, its the only food she's eats.

Every once in a while she'll turn her nose up at it, but then I crimble up a Friskies treat and sprinkle it on top. Then she dives right in.

It is pate style but the 12.5 cans have a good deal of juicy gravy you can pour over the food. The large cans are also more economical. I make 7 individual 'tv dinners' out of one 12.5 can and refrigerate them. It takes about 1/2 hour to get them to room temp. I add 1 tsp of canned pumpkin (Odie had tummy issues when I first adopted her)to each meal as well as 1 oz of fresh water to each serving and then mush it up into a stew. My cat is wierd...she doesn't seem to drink water out of a bowl. She eats 3 of these meals a day.

My only problem with Wellness is the price, but so far its saved me $$$ on vet bills by keeping Odessa healthy.

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lfnyc - what do you use to make 7 individual "tv dinners?" Just 7 separate covered bowls?

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I use small Pyrex custard cups and cover them with a baggie. That way, if I don't have time to let them come to room temp, I can remove the baggie microwave them (35 sec on defrost)to bring them to 'mouse temp'. Then I add a little water, and transfer the dinner into her stainless cat dish, mush it up with a fork and serve.

Of course, when I open a new can, she gets a fresh.
meal...something she looks forward to every 2 days!

Btw...I make each serving ~1 5/8 oz + 1/8 oz of canned pumpkin. Odie is a little on the chunky side, but our vet said as long as she doesn't gain more weight (which she hasn't) not to worry. You might be able to get 8 or more servings out of a 12.5 oz can.


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We also use Wellness. There are several fish-free flavors.

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LOL @ 'mouse temp' :)

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