Enamel cast iron sink manufacturers--names please

needinfo1March 1, 2013

Are there any others than Kohler, Elkay, American Standard and Ceco? I want reputable and high-quality that will last.

I also just found Song manufacturers online, but they have no distributors west of Indiana. I have never heard of them so would be blindly ordering from the internet.

I am looking for a non-farmhouse sink.


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Kohler is the big dog if you want color and quality. American Standard is good. Elkay....I prefer their stainless. Be careful if you look at American Standard to NOT confuse their Americast line with actual cast iron. It has the nickname of "Americrap". Anyone else is an also ran with no real reputation.

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Circus Peanut

Ceco has a good reputation in California, for what it's worth; I've read praise of their sinks on this forum in the past.

If you can find a new old stock cast-iron sink, you'd probably get the best possible quality. From what I've read, recent federal regulations have compromised the durability of the newer ceramic formulations, alas. (n.b.: I'm all for limiting our environmental chemical exposure, but do admit to a love of those old indestructible tanks of sinks.)

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I can't speak to quality, but those Kohler colors have almost swayed me several times! And I am not even in the market for cast iron, I'm going the Silgranite route.

Hmm, now I'm wondering if their bathroom sinks come in those colors...might be able to get away with it in there...

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So, if I am looking for quality Kohler still sets the gold standard. Or, is it a matter of name recognition and marketing more than their quality?

I too have been wondering about the change in standards since lead was eliminated form the formula and called Kohler to ask. Their rep didn't know a lot but told me that the law to eliminate lead based paint becaem effective in the late 1970s. He was not aware of when the company moved away from lead-based glazes.

Then, when I was trying to do a bit of research on my own, I discovered that as far as tubs and sinks go removing lead is voluntary, not required.

Thanks for the tips.

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We are big fans of our Kohler sink. It's only two years old so I can't speak to long-term durability, but no problems so far. I would not stress too much about that, though, because one advantage to the name is that there's a big company behind it that will very likely still be around for your lifetime warranty. I also found that their sinks were pretty reasonably priced, in spite of being a big name.

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Love our Kohler Whitehaven cast iron sink! It's six months old, so I also can't comment on long-term durability. But so far, I'm really happy. And my contractor loved how easy install was.

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I love my Ceco single basin sink.

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I'm looking online at the Ceco. It is too bad their website is so horrible with only teeny photos.

I saw the Whitehave in person today. Was this for new cabinets or a retrofit of existing where you had to cut out the top of the existing cabinet?

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The Whitehaven is a "drop in" sink. Fit my semi-custom new 30" apron front cabinet beautifully. Nothing had to be cut. From what I've hard the fireclays are more difficult to fit into cabinets. Not familiar with Ceco and its fit. Good luck!

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Pacific Sales carries Ceco. The Brea store (on Saturn) actually had one on display. That's how we found ours. I also asked for the best deal they could give and got it for less that their posted price.

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1929--We are in MN, but there is a Pacific Sales in a Best Buy very close to my house. Maybe I'll go on over to see if they have these Cecos outside of Calif.

Dusty--If I went with one of these, we would be taking an existing cabinet and cutting off the part where the tilt out for sponges is.

What size is your single basin? So you also have a prep sink? What sink configuration did you have before getting the single basin?

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Here are a couple photos of our sink. We have the 33". I think it's the 751-UM.

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