Post FHO surgery

savagpJuly 12, 2009

Our beagle Winston had FHO surgery about 2 weeks ago and he doesn't seem to want to use that leg at all. He will not put it down or bear any weight on it at all. He just seems to want to lay on the couch and sleep. He doesn't seem to want to play with his brother either like he used to. How do we get him to use that leg?

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I would take him back to the vet and have him checked out. Your vet would probably have better advice than what anyone here could provide you.

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I agree, could have an infection or other post-op complication. Or he could have something else wrong, like a luxating patella. At the very least, he needs pain meds, as non weight bearing lameness is a sign of severe pain.

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Hi Meghane - you must be busy - haven't seen your posts in awhile. I always enjoy your educated words of wisdom.

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Thanks sephia. Actually for some reason, my safari browser decided not to open gardenweb or THS forums any more. I thought the site was down until I switched browsers for other reasons. Have been busy too, but missed it here!

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