cookie scoop ???

Lisa_in_GermanyDecember 20, 2011

Is there a cookie scoop available that holds less than two teaspoons? That is the smallest I can find here and I would love to have a smaller one for making Christmas cookies. I am really bad at using two spoons. They all end up different sizes :-)


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Lisa, check I bought a set of 3 from them. The smallest is teensy. I'm away from home, so I can't check to see exactly how small. I love scoops, because, like you, i have never been good with the two spoon technique. Good luck

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I have 7 different graduated sizes of stainless steel scoops for everything from portioning muffin batter to a tiny scoop just the right size for dainty pressed shortbread cookies. I've purchased mine at restaurant supply stores and speciality shops with cooking/baking gadgets. You'll love them!!! If for no other reason, your cookies (muffins, etc.) will come out a lot closer to the same size and will cook more evenly.


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Hi, Lisa,

I got some scoops from Amazon as well, but not a set. My smallest is 1 T.

My melon-baller would hold 2 tsp worth of something, but then you have a heck of a time getting the cookie batter out of it!


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Amazon has one that measures 1 1/8 inches, with a hand release.
It is listed as " Fox Run SS 1 1/8 inch Ice Cream/Cookie Dough Scoop " - $7.

The one I use for Pizzelles and Wedding Soup Meatballs,
measures 1 1/4 inches.
It holds one teaspoon +.
I may order one from Amazon. Sounds like just the right size.


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