Looking for good people names for new male kitty

phish_gwJuly 13, 2011

I like people names for cats like "Oscar" and "Larry". Ideally I like names that people have heard of but probably don't know anyone personally with that name (like "Oscar"). I found a couple sites, one with too few people names and one with way too many to sift through. Does anyone know any good sites for people names for cats? Or just know any good male names to recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I named my most recent male cat Figaro ...

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I like to name my cats people names too. I think about shows, movies, books, etc. that I like and see what names come up in there.

My guy is named Mort after a character in the cartoon Penguins of Madagascar. I had also considered naming him Gary, after SpongeBob's pet snail, or Bruce because I'm a bit of a Bruce Lee fan. Those types of personal interest connection have helped me to find appropriate names. My late guy was named Gus, after a book titled Gloomy Gus which is about a bear, but I've had an autographed copy of the book on my bookshelf for years- so again, a bit of a special connection.

Good luck finding that perfect name. I wish I knew a good place to search for names, but IME you have to look around you and wait for the right name to find you in some cases. My old girl, Muddy, took weeks to name because nothing would "stick." In her case, we couldn't find a people name that would stick.

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I just got a new kitten and he was a tiny ball of orange striped fluff. I named him Lil Abner because it just fit. We just call him Abner. Don't imagine a lot of younger people even know who Lil Abner is. I had it in mind if I ever got a female, she'd be Daisy May.

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We are BIG sports fans in our home. That has led us to our 3 most recent cat names-

Stanley- found him during the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Eli- named for Eli Manning ( the Giants quarterback)
Jack- named for Jack Niclaus the golfer

there are great names out there- enjoy your new addition!

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I wanted to name my Scottish Fold boy Fife, but he didn't respond to that name at all. His head was really round as a kitten, so I started saying "O" out loud and when I said "Owen" he turned around and looked at me with a "what do you want" look on his face.

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My favorite.....from past pets or names I'll use in the future....Nigel, Trent, Tristan & Reba.

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I named my first cat Eldon, after the painter on Murphy Brown. He was a very laid back cat and it fit him well.

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I called mine Kat with a K to make it a real name. Like" Hey Kat get your butt over here."

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I like those kind of names too. I've had an Amos, Ernie and Boris. Newest cat for some reason got more of a dog name - Tucker.

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One of our foster kittens is Doug (the other two are TinyCat and Bubba). A friend's cat is Norman.

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The buys are Bob - short for bobcat (the machinery). He showed up at out shop and that's what DH picked.
Cobi -after Cobi Jones the soccer player and Mr. Bigglesworth (now Biggles)- after the cat in Austin Powers.

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I love the name Clancy and had a gorgeous orange tabby, named Clancy...He was my baby, my snuggler and although he's been gone for over a year, I still miss him terribly....
And being Irish, our little girls are named, Kalley Elizabeth and Kelly Lynn....

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I'm part Irish, so I always wanted to name a cat Seamus.
Otherwise, I nominate George.

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I have an Ernie and an Abner.

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I've had Simon, Casey, Louie , Ollie, and now Henry. All my girl pets have people oldfashioned names too.

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spedigrees z4VT

I've used up three of my favorite male 'people' names for pets which were 'Jabez,' 'Basil,' and 'Brynn.' That leaves 'Trent' (aka Trennie) and 'Russell' for future use.

Basically there are precious few human male names that have not been used to the point of exhaustion.

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