Using a Johnson Tee in California? Legal?

jscevaFebruary 17, 2012

Trying this again because my previosu attempt if this question gets posted twice, apologies in advance.

Does anybody know if using a Johnson Tee on a dishwasher will pass code in California (i.e., does it satisfy Cal. Plumbing Code 807.4)? Or do you *have* to use a countertop-style air gap. My understanding is that a Johnson Tee *is* an air gap, and they are UPC approved, and I have seen some vague references to them being used in LA in the past, but can;t find any solid info.

Specifically, I am in SF...but any California feedback would be appreciated. I am also trying to get a straight answer locally, but ammo from real-world examples would be great.

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You can try calling the AHJ.

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remember what an air gap is by definition. Ask not if a J tee is a thing known to AHJ.

some people have thought that a high loop is a thing to buy in a package with a label on it saying "DW High Loop". This is not the case, for reasons obvious to almost everyone.

Some people have thought that an air gap is a thing to buy in a package with a label..... same principle. (!). Know what an air gap is, by definition. Then you control the discussion with the one who got hired to enforce the rules made by a committee of ...

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Any luck in getting this OK'd up in SFO? I am down in peninsula and want to do this as well.


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@Lalitha - sorry for the delay in replying, I had given up on monitoring this thread for lack of new info....

No luck so far. The SF plumbing inspector categorically rejected the Johnson Tee, though part of the reason was because I am in the city and the vent would be on a wall in a lightwell next to another might be successful in a freestanding house situation. I would suggest going directly to your local inspector and discussing the situation.

After rejecting the johnson tee idea, the chief plumbing inspector then worked with me and came up with an idea that MAY work to avoid a countertop fixture in our case...if it eventually does work out and pass inspection, I will post more details. Right now, (a) I am still not fully understanding what he has proposed (hope to get more clarification today, actually), and (b) I don't want to jinx things before it is all settled!

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There are plastic boxes that can be mounted in the wall near the sink to hide a DW air gap.

The main problem is that if the line from the gap to the drain clogs the gap is going to spew out a few gallons of water when the DW empties ad you need a way to control the water.

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