Certain threads...

lindacDecember 27, 2011

Why is it I can't open certain threads? sometimes they will open for me after a few posts have been added. but

I still can't open the electric knife thread.

so I'll add my 2 cents here.

Electric knives saw...I only use them on things like bread if I am slicing a bunch, or biscotti...or angel food cake....or styro-foam for a craft project!

All alse I use a knife.

Now why won't that page load??

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Who knows. GW has me shutting sessions down, rebooting and running virus and spyware scans more than the worst links that any of my friends send me. Doesn't matter which computer or phone I use. Always has, and I guess always will.

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You're not alone. It doesn't run very smoothly for me either, although right now it is fine.

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My computer at work has all kinds of firewalls and blockers and I can't even bring up pages there most of the time. Here at home it's just slow, and those blasted popups for Netflix/Insurance/screensavers are driving me nuts.

And yes, I've tried Firefox AND pop up blockers and I still get them. Gardenweb has become just awful to access.


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Most of the time, in the mornings when I go to the CF, no new posts since the day before. However, if I click on conversations, then go back to discussions there will be numerous posts that are new. I don't even try to figure it out, just go with the flow.


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Jude - Yes, that's another quirk on this site. All you need to do is hit refresh.

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If I hit "refresh" the page loads momentarily and then the screen goes to the "server was reset..." message....I click the button to return to the page and get the blank screen again....hit "refresh" and....
You know what the definition of a moron is? Someone that keeps repeating the same action hoping to get different results....by that definition.....guess I won't do that any more!!!

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Must be the way you hold your nose. I never have any problems at all....now watch them start!

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Among GW's many screwups and weird glitches is that it repeatedly loses my log in. I have re log in constantly--all from my home computer which no one else ever uses.

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Annie, did you have AdBlock Plus with Firefox? I never see any ads on this site.

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Cloudy, I was just going to post Firefox/Adblock plus. DS#2 helped me with that. No more ads, even when I'm logged out. I had to 'tweak' a few banners (clicking on the 'block' tab and adding a filter) but those were few and far between.

DS#2 also put on 'Price Blink', another FF add-on, and I LOVE it - quick, unobtrusive, automatic comparison shopper!

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