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errlinFebruary 27, 2007

This is probably pretty basic, but I can't find an answer. How far above a roof should a vent extend? I read somewhere it should be two feet above any structure within ten feet horizontal (does that make sense). Anyway, on my 7.5 in 12 roof that would make the vents about 7.5 feet above the roof. Doesn't sound right.

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On a pitched roof the vent height is to be measured from the roof line to the termination opening on the high side of the roof pitch at the vent pipe.

The minimum height is to be 6" above the roof line or in regions subject to snow it is to be 6" above the average snowfall depth. (Generally in snow regions your local code will have a specific length listed).

In regions subject to freezing all vents must be increased to 3" at least 1' inside the structure before penetrating the roof. (some local codes require 4")

The vent must terminate 7' above any flat surface within 10' horizontal that is used as a deck.

Under the IRC a vent must be a minimum of 2' above any opening into the livable structure(Window, skylight, service hatch etc) within 10' horizontal. The UPC requires 3')

A vent termination must remain a minimim of 10' horizontal from the property line.

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Thanks Lazypup, that makes more sense. Apparently I misread the other info.

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