Special diet food for allergies in dog

aniceeJuly 29, 2009

Before I decide to put my dog on a new drug called Atopica for his allergies that are located at his paws only (between his toes and around his pad), he nevers scratches elsewhere it's just the licking and biting at his paws, I was wondering if it would be worth trying the hypoallergenic dog food.

I know people have mixed results with it and it's a long process, months...I have 2 dogs and besides their dry food, they get a lot of vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish, rice, pasta....

The Atopica medication has side-effects to star with like nausea and upset stomach and sometimes diarrhea and is a very costly medication. I know if I put him on the hypoallergenic food, it will have to be just that..no more fish or chicken etc..

Did you ever have any luck with the special diet food?



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One has to determine what the dog is sensitive to.

Normally, allergies include both foods and environmental stuff such as pollen, molds, grass. The allergy specialists can test for the environmental stuff and will recommend hypoallergenic food based on their experience.

Even so, the food issue can be a matter of trying one after the other.

Have fun. I'm on my 3rd consecutive allergic dog.

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