i'm hating cats!!

luvdogsJuly 27, 2009

I've had cats for many, many years and am finding them totally frustrating at this late date.

I have seven cats - all fixed.

I have 5 litter boxes - i know i'll get suggestions to get more boxes and i think i will.

These cats - who, by the way, have a FABULOUS cat-safe outdoor enclosure!!! This outdoor space is probably 1200 sq feet of native vegetation where they can catch birds and lizards.

They pee on my dogs' bedding and sometimes they will defecate there too!! It seems that if they do it repeatedly, it becomes a habit and they do it first thing in the morning when i first let them out of their room where they are locked in at night. NOTE: this room has access to the outdoor enclosure and they are in and out of there all night long.

ALSO - i adopted a Siamese from the shelter who basically lives in one of the boxes in the cat tree. He's afraid of everything apparently and stays in there 24/7 except to bathroom.

God - i'm just hating cats. Damn cat spends his entire life in a box!!

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Come on, now -- you know you don't hate cats. You're just overwhelmed and trying to do too much yourself.

Sounds like that Siamese is a shy boy who needs to be an "only cat" in a different home.

Territorial marking is not surprising if your cats have access to the dogs' bedding. Is there any way to change that?

Bless you for having all of your pets spayed/neutered!

I'll put a link below to some folks that would be happy to help lighten your burden:

Here is a link that might be useful: Arizona animal rescue groups

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But marking is not pooping, is it? I have a disabled cat who i just caught pooping on the dogs' bedding on the floor.

this cat gets around just fine and can get in and out of a litterbox!!

The fact that they choose to go to the bathroom inside the house (but NOT inside that room that they are put in at night!) NOR in the outside area where they could do it in real dirt is what really kills me.

And i am NOT a clean freak at all - i could put up with this if it was occasional but it's becoming a habit. Cat poop is awful. Frankly, they are on their way out. I just locked three of them outside - i'm so mad. I need to go put water out there for them.

Does punishing them work? I'd rather keep them but this is getting bad.

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Please keep them inside;

Not only is killing birds bad in terms of the environment & general karma, but they can pick up horrible, fatal diseases through hunting-FIP or FIV (can't remember which is which) comes to mind.

sounds like the Siamese is scared witless with all the other animals around there.

Maybe it would be kindest to return him to the shelter where he can be placed in a quieter home.

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I agree with the poster about leaving your cats inside, they are OBVIOUSLY making a negative impact on the wild bird and reptile population - totally UNCOOL - unless they are just killing gophers.
Fact is you have too many cats. That many cats they are going to have dominate issues and have taken the dogs bedding to do theri marking in.
Hopefully these cats are fixed - my suggestion, find a couple of them a new home ASAP

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I was thinking the same thing when I read your post. You have too many animals - too many cats. It's become unmanageable.

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We had a cat once who, before we got others, pulled a cushion into the middle of the floor and peed and pooped all over it when we left him alone for one night. We got him a cat companion shortly thereafter, and he never again did anything in the wrong place.

When we were newly-weds, my spayed female cat would come and pee on an expensive comforter we were using. I kept washing it and putting cologne on it to kill the odor, and after a while, she stopped, probably more because she got used to my husband than because the scent of urine was covered up.

Unlike puppies, kittens immediately recognize the litter box by its smell (if their mother or relatives have been using it), and the majority never make a "mistake" in their whole lives after first using that box. So I'm thinking that your cats are probably being stressed by something. Can it be that the dogs stress them? Could you keep the dogs' beds in a room that the cats can't get at? For a while at least?

Anyway, to stop them from using the wrong place, you have to make sure that there is no scent of cat urine left on the dogs' bedding. You probably already know all this. Can you buy one of those enzyme sprays that get rid of the scent? They weren't available back when we got married, hence the cologne.

In my experience, punishing doesn't work. Catching a cat in the act and removing it to its litter box while speaking firmly, but not angrily, may help, but you want to avoid causing more stress.

You're a good person for keeping so many and even taking on that Siamese. Have you had it long? I once got a full-grown cat that hid under a bed for close on a month, but in the end he decided to live a normal life and was very affectionate. I hope you will find a solution, because in the meantime, you are getting so stressed out! You have my sympathy. The smell of cat poop is horrible, I agree!

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I don't know. 1200 sq ft enclosure is still only 12' x 10'. That's for sure a lot more space outside than most cats get but for 7 cats to be locked up together in one room and that enclosure all night might be the stress. Especially since you say when they're let out of the room that's when they go someplace inappropriate. Where are the litter boxes. All over the house? How many in the room they're in all night?

I also agree that cats shouldn't have access to killing birds and other wildlife.

It does sound like the Siamese needs to be with a one cat family. I'm sure you've tried to help but he doesn't sound too happy.

I have 8 cats and no litter box problems. 3 cats do stay in two large adjoining rooms upstairs [ea room is 16x16] and share one litter box. One of the rooms is our bedroom so they get to sleep with us and get plenty of attention since I have to rest during the day too. The other 5 have 3 litter boxes and it seems to be fine for them. All my litter boxes are oversize but not that much oversize. I do have a large house so the cats are not on top of each other. All totally indoor cats and all speutered. I also have a dog who is still learning to get along with some of the cats so he doesn't get full reign of the house by himself. He does take naps with me on the bed [on a sheet on top of the covers, lol] with the bachelors as I call those 3,, on the bed with us. I'm only telling all this to say it can work with a fairly large number of cats, but something's obviously not working for you or the cats. Downsizing may indeed be the answer, especially if they all have to stay in the same room at night, albeit with the outside available. Hope you find a solution that works for all of you. Sounds like you need a break. Smiles.

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Yeh, that gorgeous Siamese really needs to get a second chance as an only pet. I did put up a classified ad for him but haven't received any feedback.

He has NO life here. I wouldn't be surprised though if even that doesn't help him - he may just be afraid of everything!! Is that possible?

But taking him to a shelter is just another frightening change for him. He was absolutely petrified when i brought him home! I'm not sure that euthanasia isn't the best course for him. something happened to this poor cat - he was a victim of some sort. I've had many, many cats in my life and i've never seen something like this. I'm surprised he doesn't have bedsores.

More and more do i love dogs. Cats are just so different. I think he might starve to death rather than come out of there. But he does come out to get water and use the box - because i've been feeding him in the box but never have i given him water.

The outside area is far bigger than 12 x 10. I'm stupid about that stuff. The cats just love the fresh air and sunshine - they're out there a lot! More cats should be blessed with an outdoor space like that.

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The fact that he isn't happy in your home doesn't mean he should be euthanized, especially since you say "More and more do i love dogs. Cats are just so different."

Being a cat in a dog-person's environment is not a capitol offense.

Please return him to the shelter where you got him.

(You may be bound, contracturally, to do this anyway.)

They're more likely to find him a home than you, as an indivicual, are.

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Area equals length times width, and 10 times 12 equals only 120. I live in a house that is 1,026 square feet and my cats still don't think they have enough room.
The only possible solution for a cat who is always afraid is to try him as an only pet in a quiet home. Pretty hard to find but it might bring the poor cat some calm.

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How long have you had the Siamese? Maybe he just needs time. I adopted a cat that was SUCH a scaredy cat too. Over time (years), she's gradually started sleeping with me and playing with the other cats a little, but she's still more of a loner and runs away when I try to pick her up most of the time. Something bad happened to her too. She's missing some teeth. I hate to think. I think you should just give the poor guy space and time. I disagree that he needs to be moved again. That's more trauma for him. Maybe he just wants to be left alone for now and for awhile. In my experience, abused, traumatized animals need time more than anything. They just don't trust anyone/anything, and you can hardly blame them. Sounds like you have a great set-up; similar to mine. I can't tell you what's with the peeing on the dog's bedding. Do they only do it there? Anywhere else in the house? Maybe it's some kind of dominance thing. There's a product called Feliway that's supposed to keep cats away from things. I have some, but hate to admit that I haven't tried it. I bought it to keep them from scratching a couch, but then had the couch recovered and the problem ended. Maybe someone else can talk about whether they've had any luck with it. I'll look up a link for you and attach it. Can you spray them with a water bottle whenever they get near the bed and say "off" and hopefully, teach them not to go near it? The other thing that struck me about your post was that you locked them in a room at night. All 7? Cats don't like to be crowded together, and that might be stressing them out. Also, my cats will use the inside litter boxes sometimes even though they have access to outside. It's a mystery to me. Please give an update when you have a chance, and best of luck. I know you don't really hate them; they're just aggravating the heck out of you right now and you definitely have your hands full. There's a solution; you just have to find it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feliway

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I wonder if Siamese Rescue would help you...either with fostering, finding a home, or just good advice


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