Just wondering

beegood_gwJuly 3, 2011

What ever happened to " Runsnwalkin"? I know she was not well and had to move into a home but has any one ever heard from her. You could always count on her to stir things up a bit. Kind of miss that.

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runsnwalkin was a guy and was banned from the forum.

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Well so much for " HIM ".Guess I will have to remember not to get too disagreeable.

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I thought runsnwalken was a 'he' also. Sephia, why was he banned and how do you know that? In one of his last threads he wrote that he was no longer going to be living at home (I assume with relatives) but would be moving to live in a group home.
I didn't feel he stirred things up purposely but quoted a lot of what he'd read and, besides being misinformed sometimes, I think he didn't fully comprehend certain concepts and discussions. He definitely didn't hesitate to express his thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: an old thread

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Runswalkin was austic. Many of us took the directness of his posts with understanding, others simply reacted :(

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It's really a shame that some one like Runs was banished when that was probably a bright spot in his life. I have seen many nasty remarks from people with no excuse for it on this site.

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He was run out on a rail after too many nutty posts. Sad, cause he didn't mean any harm, just had a knack for ticking people off. His logic was also very flawed, like annz said.

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I thought back then he maybe had Aspergers. He could get a little defensive ..like he had no filter, but most ignored him when he acted like that. .

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Yes, beegood, I also remember he said he had autism, and that he would eventually have to move to a group home. Thanks for the thread link, annz.

I had thought he had probably moved there and that was why we stopped hearing from him. Hope that he and his kitty cats are doing well.

Our neighbors' teenager has moderate autism, and has learned lots of life skills and social skills in the special school he attends. His folks have been able to keep him at home with them, fortunately.

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Just did a search and found postings by runsnwalken on other sites as recent as May of this year. Pretty sure it's the same guy, since he was promoting a raw food diet.

Also searched the list of GardenWeb members and his name is no longer listed, so maybe he was banned here after all.

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