dry food for cats that can't eat dry food ;)

GWgalJuly 25, 2011

Howdy all,

There seems to be a lot of experience here with regards to foods and such so I'm hoping someone can offer some advice.

After months of "bowel issues" with my two maine coons after we adopted them, we discovered that the problem went away once we switched them completely to wet food. Hooray!

I want to keep them on the wet food primarily. However, in times when we will need to leave out dry food for them (sudden overnight trip out of town, for example) I am wondering what you might suggest as the best choice for a dry food.

Since there are so many ingredients in dry foods, I was never able to determine exactly what it was that they were 'allergic' to, but I am assuming their bodies don't like grain. The dry foods they've tried in the past all had grain (though we did use Blue Buff once and to my knowledge that is somewhat 'low-grain'.)

I'm basically trying to find a dry food (cost is not a factor) that has the best quality and lowest number of ingredients. Even the grain free stuff that I've looked at like TOTW, Felidae, etc all have extra things like blueberries, acai, etc - things that I don't think cats normally eat in the wild, right?

Hopefully my question makes sense :) Thanks all!

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Natural Balance offers grain free dry cat food. Their grain free dry dog food is excellent.


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I'm not a dry feeder either, but I DO keep a grain-free, moderate carb dry on hand to use as treats (okay, bribes). If your cats are sensitive to grains, then "low grain" is as bad as high grain. Other carbs may be problems too, so test before you travel.

Some will tell you that cats eat lots of fruits and vegetables and grains in the wild because they get those things in the stomachs of their prey. It's likely that some ingestion of carbs occurs in the wild, but the proportion is vastly less than is present in any dry foods on the market.

Dry foods need carbohydrates to act as the paste that keeps those kibblies together. Otherwise the dry food would be a gritty meal instead of nuggets. The blueberries and acai and sweet potatoes and whatever else are not distinguished by your cats as being special in any way, as they won't gain any particular benefit from these. Grass is probably the best vegetable to put in cat food because it's a mechanical aid to digestion. So is anything with fiber. Hence, the expensive berries. They sound healthy and good to us humans so are a great marketing tool.

I dislike feeding high carb diets to my cats but the dry food they get for bribes seems to settle easily without causing gastric issues. I tried several and settled on a moderately priced dry that's a "limited ingredient" food. I use Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Pea for the kibbly bribes. They love it. There are plenty of choices for dry foods that have no grains. I'd like the NB to have less of a carb load. Some other dry are lower in carbohydrate so good luck finding the right one for your cats.

Bear in mind that your cats may have an undesirable gastric response to the dry food while you're away. As treats, my lot do well. When I'm off on business, Husband often gets lazy and gives them dry food for a meal-which leaves them with astounding gastric issues.

Off topic, but aren't Maine Coons great?

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I'm have no idea if it would be acceptable to you, but I have really liked Royal Canin dry food since I started feeding it to my cats a few years back. My old CRF cat (who insists on eating dry food as well as wet) has done very well on one of their formulas for the past 5 years while having kidney disease that entire time.

I just looked at their website and they do have a special diet 33 for cats which seems to be geared towards cats who don't digest starches well. Not sure if that might help you or not, but thought I'd throw it out there for you to decide.

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EVO dry (reg and weight mgmt version) is grain free.

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