Goof plate?

ladoladiFebruary 26, 2012


Several days after installing our kitchen sink cabinet, we had to make an adjustment to our cabinets which required moving the sink cabinet about 2 inches to the left. Because we'd already cut out the back of the cabinet for the water lines and the drain, we now have some very, very odd looking holes around all the plumbing. The holes are far too big to be covered by normal escutcheons.

The plumber (for the bathroom part of the remodel) told us it was no big deal. He said we could just get a "goof plate" to cover "the whole thing."

However, Google searches for "goof plate" and "plumbing" don't really turn up much that is useful. He doesn't know any other name for this thing; it's just what he calls it.

Anyone have any idea what he might be talking about?!


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I googled "goof plate" and found all kinds of stuff. Most common usage is in shower valve conversions. Often required to cut out overly-large hole to gain access to the piping behind the tile. The over-size access hole is then covered by the "goof plate". I have two of them in my own house. They look fine.

From your description, not clear about exactly what your situation is but seems as if may be similar application.

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escutcheon, cover plate, flange, smitty plate

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If they are in the cabinet under the sink, I wouldn't be too concerned, unless it is posing a problem, more than just you knowing that the holes exist. Who is going to see it?

The "goof plate" the plumber is referencing is made for showers, and to cover the holes so you can aesthetically position the handles correctly - so not really made for your application.

If in fact that you wanted to cover the holes, hire a woodworker or handy man to make a piece(s) to cover over the holes.

Good luck!

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