3/4' outdoor faucet???

djincnjFebruary 7, 2008

Hello All

I'm redoing some plumbing so I thought I run the new pipes for the outdoor faucets with 3/4" copper. Took awhile to find outdoor fauctes with a 3/4" connection but when I look closer it appears that the stem of the faucet is only 1/2" anyway. I'm looking at a Prier C-144 F inlet. http://www.prier.com/PDFFiles/c-144FreezelessHydrant.pdf

So the questions are:

1) Is there a true 3/4" Outside Faucet, Hydrant, Sillcock, Hose Bib or whatever you call it out there? Connection, stem, valve, ect... all 3/4"

2) Does it even make sense for me to run 3/4" to the faucet if its just gonna get reduced to 1/2" anyway?

Thanx for any insight


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my local Lowe's has them, as well as the farm supply houses. we are an agricultural area, so many farms use the 3/4 for better flow rates when filling troughs and such.

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Perhaps next time your over at Lowes you can take a peak at the manufacturers name and email it to me? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Before you go searching the world over for this valve take a look inside, at the mechanics of it, you'll see that hose bibs force the h2o through a tiny hole. I'd wager that the size of the NPT will make little diffrence. What you might want to do is make your own with a full port ball valve and a hose adaptor.

You also might want to run a few hydodynamic calculations to figure out how much volume and pressure loss there will be by using the 1/2" valve. I don't have the formulas but one of the whizes here should. I'm going to guess that the losses will be tolerable.

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Is there some reason that you need so much water at an outdoor hose bibb? Most garden hoses don't have a 3/4" inside diameter. If you're using a nozzle or a yard sprinkler, the flow of water is restricted even further. I can't think of a good reason to bother with this.

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