Science Diet C/D - Male Cat with Crystals

betsyhacJuly 18, 2010

My friend's cat is on this food. Seems to me that I've heard bad things about it, but her vet recommended it and the cat no longer has the crystals problem, which had been a recurring issue. Is SD C/D bad and, if so, what would be a better alternative?



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I don't know about S/D, but my 5 year old male cat has been on C/D for 3 years now. He had a horrible issue with crystals 3 years go. We almost lost him. Our vet recommended we keep him on the C/D for the rest of his life. He had always eaten dry food, so it was hard to get him to eat the wet C/D. It comes in wet and dry form, but the vet felt the wet food would be better because the more fluid he takes in, the better. I give him 2 meals a day of the wet, and keep the dry in the house to use as "treats". It is expensive, but he has not had a problem with crystals since (3+yrs). Here is my "little" monster- all 18 pounds of him!!!!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Gosh, it looks like you live with a panther!!! LOL He's a beauty!!

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Well, he looks pretty healthy now!! I love it when the chubby kitties lay upside down like that. I just want to bury my face in their belly!! hahahaha

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Yes, he is a big healthy boy now! Hope your friend's cat continues to do well on the food too.

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I used the dry C/D on my male cat after a bout of crystals. He was on it for 12+ years with no problems. He passed at the ripe old age of 20-1/2 from age related illnesses.

My current cat (17-1/2) ate dry C/D as a kitten all the way through age 16 (he's now on high protein wet food). Never had a problem with crystals. We're dealing with age related thyroid and kidney issues but no crystals.

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I had two cats that ate CD for many years - one lived to be 19 and the other 20 - neither had another problem with crystals once they started eating CD. So from my perspective SD CD is not "bad".

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One of our cats has eaten the C/D for a couple of years now with no problem.

The vet recently stopped carrying that formula, for reasons unknown to me, and prescribed Canidae Urinary SO33 instead.

Our kitty enjoys this too, and seems fine -- if anything, a bit spunkier.

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In Canada, the C/D is sold by vets under the name of Hill's. Years ago we adopted a mini Dachshund who had 4 bladder stones - removed during his back surgery. He then had to eat the canned C/D for 6 months - and then was X-Rayed to see if any further crystals had developed - none had - so he was able to go off the food (the dog C/D was not very appetizing - especially to a gourmet Dachshund). But had he shown the beginnings of crystals he would have been on it for life. Our current dog, an American Eskimo, is a breed prone to stones - so far so good - and I do watch the purines and oxalics - I get acid based kidney stones, so know all about the horrors of it all. Should he ever develop stones, he too would be put on the approprite "stone" food for his type of stone/crystal - for as long as it took.

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