Handheld shower head as primary?

Rachel_NYCFebruary 26, 2013

Hi all - I am embarking on a kids bathroom addition and would like to have a handheld shower head on a bar in there for easy height adjustment as the kids grow. Anyone use a hand held shower head on its own, on a bar, as their only shower head? Which brand and are you happy?


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Unless you child is very shy and obedient, a handheld shower head in a kids' bathroom will likely be used as a powerful squirt gun to repeatedly drench friends, family members, and the floor.

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My house had one as did my last apartment. I find it is more useful for less than a year and then both of mine just took regular showers once they could stand. If you don't put it onto a bar, it is easy to swap back if you no longer need it. I would say that a bigger problem were the shower doors both of my places had.

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We have one and I would never be without a hand shower! I love it, nice to be able to direct the shower precisely and get more shampoo out of long hair, rinsing the tub, etc. Ours is a large rainshower type. I tried out several showerheads before settling on this one, I just love it. Ours is slightly different than the one in the link, I don't know our model #.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainshower easyselect

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I like them. Snidely, the kids would only do it once, if their parents are doing their job..lol.

I have had a handheld on a bar...it was an Italian brand, I really can't remember. I'm sure you'll be happy with one from a reputable manufacturer. They are great for cleaning as well.

If you're still at the point where you're going to be helping them wash their hair, it's invaluable.

One thing I did in that bathroom I mentioned was floor to ceiling tile. Worth the effort and expense.

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