help with getting smell out of tiled room...

fearlessemJuly 26, 2010

Hi folks --

So recently two feral cats had 9 kittens under our porch. We caught them all and found them all homes, but here's the problem. For about two days, as we were in the process of catching them and giving them away, we kept them in our tiled downstairs bathroom, which is quite small (maybe 5 feet by 5 feet?) We had paper down and such, but by the end of 48 hours, with 9 kittens, it smelled HORRIBLE.

So the kittens are all gone, I've scrubbed the floor probably 4 times over, cleaned the baseboards by hand, opened the door and windows, used airfreshener till the cows come home and still, it smells in there! I can't quite describe the smell -- its just this funk. And since its tiled, I don't know where the smell is hiding -- maybe in the walls?

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get this smell out?

Many thanks in advance,


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I've heard that oxygen cleaners work wonders.

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The urine is probably in the grout, I would buy a bottle of Natures Miracle and spray it all over the floor and let it do its thing. This stuff really does do miracles with odors. Bless your heart for finding homes for the feral kitties.

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Thanks so much -- I read great reviews of Natures Miracle online, so I'll go to Petco and buy some today!

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If you had litter boxes, I'm surprised they went on the floor, but I have to agree with christine that the odor is probably in the grout.
There is a NM for cat urine, so be sure to get that product. Also, I wouldn't spray it, I'd saturate the grout by pouring the NM on the grout. Leave it to soak wiping least 24 hrs. Spray the baseboards and several inches up the walls since the females may have sprayed the walls.

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The problem with tiles is they are porous..Go to a tile specialty store and get cleaner from them - my friends family was in the business and she told me they carry special cleaners - good luck

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