Flea control for cats what's working now

jjaazzyJuly 5, 2013

What is the current best bet for flea control meds for Cats? I have had trouble with meds working for dogs in past. What are the go to meds now? I see they have Advantage II out, says it may not work for all cats.

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My vet prefers Revolution.

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spedigrees z4VT

I use revolution too. It is worthless for ticks, but my cat almost never is bothered by them. Revolution (selemectin) also prevents heartworm in cats. It is a spot on treatment so it is easy to apply.

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Fleas in different geographical areas can develop resistance to different flea chemicals. Your best bet is to call your local vets and ask them which products are currently the most effective in your area.


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I am curious if anyone thinks the brands of flea Revolution for cats bought from the UK or Australia might be weaker than what I've bought in the US. After getting Kitty a cortisone shot to control the itching and bumps, they suggested I try Revolution (have been using Advantage for years, it's not helping much anymore). So I bought a tube of Revolution. Seemed to help pretty well. $20. Then I found some online, canada vet websites - half the price, bought some. Used one, doesn't seem as potent. Any thoughts about this?

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I agree with what lauri said about calling vet to see what is working now in your area. They have a lot of new stuff out now. I will look and see what we used last. I have 2 border collies (often resistant) and 4 cats and we are doing pretty good the last few years with some of he new varieties out now. Also I tend to treat for a month or two get them under control... and then I am flea free for all the pets for close to a year. That's with sometimes just treating the dogs and the cats benefit from it.

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I am sorry I don't see any evidence of what I last used on the cats. Sorry, I just see that I used Comfortis on the dogs last and I do believe they have a cat version. I can only speak with reference to the dog version the stuff is a miracle.

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thanks jjaazzy - will keep trying-- am going to try a diff allergy cat pill and see if it helps kitty's itchy bumps- our other cat and 2 dogs don't seem to have any problems altho we can always scratch up a couple fleas on them - seems no matter what we've tried.

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