Please help!!!!

tlanDecember 19, 2011

Hi everyone

This is the first time I'm hosting Christmas dinner and I just found out I'm in trouble. I cannot fit a turkey and a roast beef in my oven. I need to make a turkey, roast beef and lamb racks!!!! Any idea how to accomplish this and the meats still come out moist and cooked? Thanks a million.

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Do they sell Nesco tabletop ovens in Canada?

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You cook the turkey.....and cover it and keep it warm.....crank the oven to 500 and cook the beef......while you have someone else cook the racks of lamb on the grill.
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: high heat roasting

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Or cook the bird the day before and gently re-heat it.

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Both the turkey and the beef could be cooked the day before, sliced (mess cleaned up, etc.) and gently reheated with the appropriate stock/broth in crockpots on serving day.

Or.....scale back the menu????


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Happyday: Looks like they only sale Nesco around Toronto, and I'm 5 hrs away.

Linda: Will the bird still be warm after almost an hour of resting?

pkramer: I'm toying with the idea of reheating but I'm not sure about how moist it will be.

Here is my idea: Cook the roast beef to rare, take it out and wrap it up - keep warm ?. As soon as the bird is done, place the roast beef back in the oven to cook to medium. Lamb rack will be done on the grill. How do I cook lamb rack on grill though? Will the breadcrumb burnt? I've settled on having it cook in the oven. Xmas is only 5 days away and I'm screwed!!!!

What do you think? Doable?

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dgkritch: I already ditch one turkey. Now I understand why people make such a big deal about double oven over the Kitchen Forum LOL.

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I'd do exactly what Linda suggested.

As much as I love leftover turkey and chicken, it will not taste the same warmed up as a fresh roasted turkey.

If you do not want to grill the racks then you can also cook the racks of Lamb in the same 500ðF oven as the beef. Just add shortly before the roast comes out of the oven. Then both the rack and the beef can rest before carving. Rack of lamb will not take long to roast, especially if it is your intention to cook to medium rare.


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If you put a lid on the turkey and pile on something like will hold....I have done it when dinner got away from me and the turkey was done more than an hour before planned. you could also put the turkey in a cooler....coolers not only keep things cool but also hot ( how do it know?? LOL!)
The turkey will suffer less by holding than will the beef.
You could slice the turkey and re warm....but that demands oven again at a fairly low temp.
As for lamb on the bread crumbs, just rub it with "good stuff"...garlic, oil, black pepper and some oregano and rosemary....fresh if possible.....and grill rare or at most medium rare.

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I agree with Linda the turkey will keep, fussing with the beef is much trickier.

By the way, Canadian Tire sells Nestcos and a Canadian Tire is never too far away!

They are well worth the investment in a one oven home!

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Thank you all. Will follow Linda's suggestion. Yeah, it won't know it's supposed to be cold in there hahahahaha. I'll run to Canadian Tire too, Chase.

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A turkey will stay hot for an amazing time - just cover with foil then put a thick blanket over the top. You will have an hour or more with no loss of heat.

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I did Make Ahead Turkey at Thanksgiving and it worked like a charm. (See link below)

Also, when using a large cooler as Lindac suggested, if you can, pre-warm the cooler with hot water (these things are plastic, so not too hot!). When you get ready to use it, pour out the water, and do as Lindac suggested, wrap your meat in foil and towels and put it in the cooler. It ought to keep the meat hot for at least an hour or two.

Or, how about some of the hot packs from the drugstore that are usually used for soreness, similar to this . Those would help pre-warm the cooler without the messiness of water.

My family never ate turkey hot. It was always served at room temp. Are we just weird?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Bitten Word Make Ahead Turkey

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Just curious, how many are coming for dinner?

And is you have a gas grill, you could move the turkey there and free up the oven. You have a lot going on that day, and if you are the only cook, anything you can do ahead will help keep the chaos down and allow you to enjoy your guests.

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I need to make a turkey, roast beef and lamb racks!!!!

Is it a family tradition and everyone demands all of those? That's a lot even for someone with 2 large ovens, in addition to the sides.

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islay: My husband's job for today is to pull the cooler out of the shed and clean it well. The blanket idea is great.

bbstx: Thanks for the link. I'll see if I can use any idea from there.

pkramer: 22. My MIL will help in the kitchen, hubby will do other setup. All the desserts will be done by 24. We have two dinners to serve, 24th and 25th. I have a long step-by-step list of what to do and when to do them lol. I'll be orchestrating the whole operation.

jenn: I offered these a month ago to everyone and I've been visioning those on the table since then. And everyone is exciting, me included until I found out the problem. I'm all good now with the idea of keeping the turkey in the cooler while cooking the rest.

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The turkey will keep: Gordon Ramsey actually suggests resting the turkey for as long as it took to roast it. Too long for my taste but it does indicate you can rest it a long time.

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I agree with all the advice you got- if it's a big honkin' turkey, it'll still be steaming after an hour. If it's a little one, you can put it in a heavy heated dish with a lid, stash it in the microwave to trap in the heat, or wrap it in towels.

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You can also put a cast iron lid in the oven to heat and then wrap that in towels and put in cooler on top of bird. I did that with a tailgate dish that kept hot for hours that way- big cooler, lots of towels and hot cast iron lid wrapped up.

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