update on dog w/bloody nose

NinapearlJuly 12, 2009

it doesn't look good for my maggie girl. i have conferred with 2 vets and they both feel the problem is most likely due to nasal cancer.

i am awaiting an estimate for a biopsy and/or MRI to see if we can get a definite diagnosis. of the 4 possibilities (cancer, foreign object, fungal infection, nasal polyp), it seems cancer is the most likely cause of her symptoms.


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Ninapearl, I'm so sorry.

still hoping for the best, but better to know either way.

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I'm sorry also. This is always so very difficult. I hope for your own peace of mind that you are able to get a definite diagnosis, and will keep hoping that it is not cancer. I'm sorry you are going through this with your Maggie.

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thank you, both. i couldn't live with myself if i don't do everything in my power to get a diagnosis. if it is cancer, i will keep her comfortable for as long as i possibly can. my husband's cancer spread to his sinuses and the chemo/radiation was brutal. i just can't put my girl OR myself through that horror again.

it's only been a matter of months since my male corgi was presumptively diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, another fatal disease. the thought of losing both of them has sent me into a real tailspin.

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I have a patient with chronic bloody nose and her problem is chronic rhinitis- just a really bad inflammatory issue that we can't fix so well, but it won't shorten my patient's life. Not all things are cancer... I hope Maggie is OK.

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Aww.. Ninapearl, I'm so sorry to hear this but I'm going to hope with you and everyone that it's something more like Meghane says... just a rhinitis that is bad. Sending good healing energy. Not the news anyone wants/needs to hear, but harder with everything you've been through. Will be looking for updates and hoping for good news.

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I too am hoping for good news.

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I'm sorry to hear this. I had a cat with a nasal adenocarcinoma. He had a nasal discharge for over a year. It was unilateral. I took him to the vet frequently for over a year and he just didn't clear up with antibiotics. The discharge would turn clear colour until the antibiotics stopped and then turn yellow again and finally bloody. I learned that cytology swabs do not necessarily pick up cancer cells and indeed, it came back negative. By the time a referral for nasopharyngoscopy and diagnosis was made, treatment was not recommended. He was given Feldane for comfort and did quite well for a couple more months. Radiation at this point would have cost him his eyesight. It was not an operable tumour. I learned than nasal tumours in animals rarely grow through the septum. I also learned that some nasal tumours respond very well to steroids and chemo. Unfortunately - not adenocarcinomas.

This vet gave me some advice that I found extremely helpful even though I found it hard to hear. He told me to have my cat PTS "sooner rather than later" as the symptoms become more progressive. I chose a time when I saw him having difficulty breathing when he was eating even though he was still in relatively good shape and maintaining his weight. We could have put in an esophagoscopy feeding tube as an alternative. He didn't like me having to drain the fluid around his tumour several times a day and it seemed as if the my intervention with pills etc became invasive to his quality of life.

An MRI is of course, the ultimate diagnostic tool but if it becomes too expensive, you could ask whether a nasopharyngoscopy/biopsy and dental panorex would give sufficient information to decide on a treatment course.

Sending good thoughts and hope that it will be one of the other differential diagnoses.

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