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jenie16February 23, 2011

I have well and will be replacing the pipes in my home soon. The plumber had said I should have a water conditioner put in before I do the pipes (reason for the pipe replacement is pin holes...hence the conditioner). The water man I went to told me I have a low ph and really need a ph system, an upflow with 2 ball valve bypass. It would run $700.00 installed. Then he said, get the pipes replaced and at that point he would put a water conditioner in (app. $1000-1500). It seems to make sense and (I think) his prices are average??. Does anyone have any thoughts?

The area I live in is known for acidic water. I also have high nitrates. That's what the conditioner would be for.

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"Does anyone have any thoughts? "

Get your water tested by an independent test agency, i.e.,someone that does not sell water treatment of any kind.

If you have potable water that is of a low pH, replace your piping with CPVC or PEX, not copper. Unless your water is incredibly acid, there are no health issues thereof.

A water softener won't do diddly for acid. Softeners may be neccessary for very hard water, but hard water is also not a health concern.

Once you know what condition(s) you're treating for, a sensible plan is easily arrived at.

P.T.Barnum should have been in the water treatment business.

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A few questions/comments:

1) What does your plumber mean by "water conditioner?" What, precisely, is the unit he that is being recommended?
2) What pH is your water?
3) If your pH is low enough, it will have to be raised, Raising the pH will increase hardness, which may then require a water softener.
4) An independent water test is necessary. You want to know: hardness, alkalinity, TDS, pH, sulfates, nitrates, bacteria (if you are on a well). Once you have the necessary information, we can provide help, rather than guesswork.

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The plumber basically meant something needs to be done about my water or I'll still have the same problem. He was not specific.
The ph was 5.0, TDS 63, hardness 60. iron .1, nitrate 10, hydrogen sulfide NO. The water man spoke of getting the conditioner later for the nitrate (in NJ a house can not be sold if the nitrates or other things are high.

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Okay, pH is definitely low and should be raised. Now, what are the units on the other contaminants? There is a HUGE difference between 60 gpg and 60 ppm (mg/L) hardness. 60 gpg = 1026 ppm.

You need to insist that the people you are dealing with be specific. If a plumber or water treatment pro or anyone else can't or won't be specific they either 1) think you are stupid, 2) are incompetent or, 3) are lying.

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All other units were using PPM. Sorry, that was my fault. I didn't realize there were different units.

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