Copper countertops- high maintenance?

fatladyMarch 9, 2014

I am considering putting copper countertops on our kitchen island. I want a hard working surface, and am concerned it will ding too easily. However, I liked the patina look (not the shiny copper, but the aged bronzy brown green shade).

For those of you who have copper, do the dings look like a natural part of the distressing or like you need to replace it!

Also, have you found that the copper gives off any smell?

Thanks so much

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From what you've described, I'd say copper isn't for you. It will ding and you'll constantly be abrading any patina from a busy island.

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I'd love to hear real-life experience, because I can't imagine it not being a miserable nightmare.

I think it would be lovely for a less used counter.
That beautiful cooper patina is pretty amazing. Each piece different. Van Dyke's sells copper in sheets and I've drooled over them.

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Sophie Wheeler

Take out that penny jar you'e got somewhere. Now spread them all out on the table. All of tose different shades of copper is what a well used copper counter will look like.

All at the same time.

Now, mix those pennies up again. That's what it will look like tomorrow. Mix again. Now that's what it will look like next week. Every day, with every use, it will leave it's trace.

That bright blotch there is where the lemon drooled off of the cutting board. That dark spot there is where you dribbled some cleaning product and then had to stop and answer the phone. There's the blotch there where you sat your blazing hot iron skillet when the grease almost caught on fire.

If the thought of all that doesn't make you faint outright, you might be a good candidate to live with copper. It IS aliving surface, and will show all of it's age spots and wrinkles, just like all the rest of us old coots.

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Fori is not pleased

Look up Circus Peanut's old kitchen, with its lovely DIY (!!!!) copper counters.

Gorgeous and functional and plenty of patina. Perhaps she'll chime in with advice on how livable it is.

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I would be more worried that it would smell like old pennies or worse that it would impart an old-penny taste to food that comes in contact with it.

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Make sure the penny is before 1982 as they stopped using copper long ago.:-)

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Follow the link below for a thread on copper countertops. Circuspeanut's is included; in her post she includes links that will take you to more detailed information on her DIY adventures, pictures of patina and a bit about dinging the counter. I don't recall her ever saying anything about the counters having a scent... She did a great job.

Here is a link that might be useful: show me your copper sink or countertops thread

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I don't have copper counters, but have copper sinks and accents throughout our home - interior and exterior. There is no smell. Copper is extremely soft. If you are worried about dings and scratches, it's not for you. If you're willing to embrace a living surface and everything that comes with it, then you'll love copper.

If you decide against using it for a counter, consider using elsewhere. Mine include copper panels on the range hood and back splash - in the kitchen and laundry room.

The first two photos were taken right after we finished our build, almost 8 years ago:

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. I love the patina.

Here is a link that might be useful: More Kitchen Photos

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