Installed Grohe faucet behaves weirdly!

elk2000February 27, 2013

We have installed Grohe 20294000 Eurosmart faucet in our bathroom remodeling. It looks great, but the water pours in a way I haven't seen before. Let me try to explain it. When you want to make warm water you turn hot water handle and cold water handle until the desired temperature reach. So the water should be one temperature, you feel it like a warm water. In this faucet when warm water is pouring, you feel that the water is warm and at the same time you feel cold water and hot water separately. I know, it sounds weird and feels even weirder, but when you hold hands under water you feel both hot and cold somehow not combined. We tested all other faucets (and we have quite a few), all work perfectly fine. It's only this one that puzzles us, and it does it all the time. We even asked guests during party to check it, and all reported exactly the same feeling: water seems to be warm but you actually feel where the cold water is and where hot water is.
Do you think this is bad faucet? Bad installation? Anything else?

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This is the one where the faucet handles are not attached to the spout? That is, you can place the handles anywhere you want? And they are attached to the spout with separate hoses?

If so, I would say this is normal in that the hot and cold don't have time to mix in the spout so you feel hot on one side and cold on the other.

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