Here we go again....

doucanoeJuly 20, 2009

Mojo started falling down again last night. He had been diagnosed with Canine Vestibular Disease a couple of weeks ago. Took about a week for him to get over it, then he was good for a week, and suddenly last night it returned. Only this time it is worse.

He was fine all day yesterday and then about 10pm last night I was rubbing coconut oil onto his back to soothe a rash he has due to allergies. With no warning whatsoever, he got up and began turning in circles and his legs went out on him.

He slept thru the night, but this morning when he tried to get up and walk he practically did a somersault and fell on his face.

Tim had to carry him downstairs (Mojo weighs 85lb, so no easy feat.) I got him outside and he is laying on the grass right now.

From all the info I can find on this malady, I have not seen anything stating whether it gets progressively worse each time it returns. Anyone know what I can expect? Will it ever just go awway for good? I plan to call my vet when they open this morning.


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I'm sorry you are going through this with Mojo. Having had a dog with it, I know how disconcerting the episodes can be.

How is Mojo now? Did you get to talk to your vet?

When our dog had her first episode (pretty major), the vet told us it was an unpredictable condition. You don't know if they will have them often, rarely, or if they will just stop. Our dog was "off" for the better part of a week after her first episode, and then had a second one that was not as bad. After that she had minor incidents for the rest of her life that we guessed was probably the CVD, but they weren't significant after the second one.

I hope this doesn't get to rambling, but did Mojo have any head trauma prior to this? I ask because a few weeks before our Abby's first episode, she had run full speed into a sliding glass door, apparently not realizing it was closed. My mom is a PT who sometimes treats people who have had inner ear problems (small bone misalignments?) that result in episodes sort of similar to what our dogs have- the ones she sees in people are often the result head trauma from an accident of some kind. In people there are exercises that can be done to assist in realignment, but I don't know what they are, and am of the impression that it requires a lot of control and understanding on the behalf of the patient, so not sure that a dog could do them. Since Abby's settled down, I never asked her for more information about those exercises, but probably would have had she continued to have them. Not saying that they could have been done, or would have worked, but we would have checked them out and attempted them in some form for the sake of controlling the episodes. In Abby's case I felt that there was a pretty good chance there was a connection between banging her head and the start of these episodes.

I hope Mojo's stop occurring, or at least ease up. I'm sorry you have to go through this. After Abby's second episode, it was a long time before I relaxed- I just kept waiting for it to happen again.


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Thanks, quasifish. Mojo has never had any head injuries or traumas that I am aware of. He is 11 years old.

I decided to wait to call the vet if he showss no sign of improvement by tomorrow. This episode is worse than the one two weeks ago, but he slept most of the day and the last time it happened, he seemed much better the second day.

I sure hope this stops and does not keep re-occuring. It is very traumatic for both Mo and for me!


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aww, linda, i'm sorry this is reoccurring! hopefully, he will be well very soon. (((hugs))) and belly rubs!

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My only experience with Vestibular Disease was with my sister's dog. With her dog, every episode was progressively worse. Hers was the exception I believe from what I have read.

Hopefully Mojo is feeling better today. Will keep you and Mojo in our thoughts and prayers.


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At least it was diagnosed correctly. Sometimes dogs get a dx of stroke, or other neurological disease. My schnauzer had it, and I suspected that was what it was before I even took him to the vets. My vet, however, is an excellent diagnostician and he agreed.

To make a long story short, schnauzer's history included a very severe ear infection. After his initial recuperation from the initial episode, he had one relapse from which he recovered quickly. He was an old fellow, about fifteen at the time and was put on a long regimen of antibiotics. But, he ended up doing fine with no further problems or sequelae.

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I can offer hopeful news. My greyhound Ruby only ever had one seizure that lasted a short time. As far as I know that was the only one.

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We did end up taking Mo to the vet on Thursday. He was not doing well at all. She still thinks it is Vestibular, but put him on an antibiotic just in case there is an ear infection in the inner ear that she cannot see. I hated to leave for Chicago on Friday morning, but checked in regularly with the house/dog sitters.

They couldn't get him to eat much but did get some turkey sandwich meat and dog treats in him. We got home last night and there is noticeable improvement, but he is still pretty dizzy.

I got him to eat a full bowl of dog food last night, even tho I had to feed it to him one handful at a time.

Thanks for your continued good thoughts. They seem to be helping!


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