unplanned, not necessary, maybe silly acquisitions

sixtyohnoMarch 20, 2014

Have you ever bought something that is totally not in your safety zone? Or completely different from how you see your house? Or on the spur of the moment for a reason that really makes no sense?
Here's my ridiculously silly lamp. I bought it at an auction of stuff from the family of 2 people I admire tremendously. They are world famous and passed away many years ago. I am sure my heroes never owned the lamp. There was no attribution to most of the items. It probably belonged to one of their children. But I immediately made up a scenerio describing where and when my guys acquired it and went into fantasy land.
DH was suprised when he came home to find the lamp in the LR and he was kind enough to say he liked it. I do love it now since it is probably 2 degrees from my heroes and it is so silly and fun and it adds a bit of whimsy to the room.
Anyone else ever do something unexpected?

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I think it's totally cool!

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I love the lamp, but not so much the ball hanging from it on the green/blue cord.

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~Would I buy that lamp - no. But, I can see why it would make someone happy to have it in their house.

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Bears. We bought 2 big bears.

Stopped at an outdoor juried craft fair in a nice resort town looking for the artisan that we'd seen there the previous year who made beautiful bread boards. And we ended up with a pair of life-sized carved bears.

We have a lake house we built for our (maybe...someday...) retirement home. Despite its woodsy setting, I made it clear from the get-go that I never wanted a Field & Streams vibe there. It 's more bungalow/cottage in style & decor.

But these bears just spoke to us. The gentleman who carved them does beautiful work and gave them the most beguiling expressions. What clinched it was that they reminded DH & me of us. The shorter one is straining to carry a piece of lumber and the taller one is doing the heavy lifting, picking up the rear. Essentially, the bears "bookend" a bench. So they're not just decorative, they serve a purpose :)

We have them set above a retaining wall that overlooks a grassy area where the family plays lawn games throughout the summer. So they make good spectator seating.

This will be our 4th summer with the bears. They hibernate in our walkout basement during the winter months.

Our grand kids love them and refer to them as GranneBear & PoppaBear - a nod to our grandparent names. Everyone who visits the lakehouse wants to have a picture taken with them. They've become the home's mascots, and like DH & me, they always seem to be working, lol.

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LOL My silly purchase was a lamp also. It's metal and goes with nothing in my house. I'm trying for a modern feel and this in no way says "modern". But I love the silly thing.

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And here we have two birds from a crafts store, the first is sitting on (glued to) a mirror in my living room, and the second is glued to a primitive nail jutting out from a ceiling beam, also in my living room.

Fun to ask little kids to try to find them (and the little cow on my mantel clock) and to see their faces when I tell them they flew in one day and just never left.

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LR bird sighting goofiness #2

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Oh yes. I have a flying pig lamp.

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Mine would also have to be a cat lamp, bought at a consignment shop in the mid '90s. Very heavy, solid metal but cleaning people broke the original reddish shade a few years ago

About a year or so later, I began seeing variants of it in various catalogs. The ones in the catalogs were not nearly as nice looking and I still think it looks cool :)

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I like the lamp and it looks good next to that unique antique looking chair. I would like it even better if the little lamp shades were removed.....or maybe different shades used.

Can you share pics of that antique chair? The upholstery intrigues me...would like to see more, please!

Tibbrix - I like your birds and how you tell little kids "they flew in one day and just never left" ...very sweet : )

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daki, your cat lamp would be perfect for me. I love it.

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Oh, the dusting.... :)

I do love the bears (rain = dusting).

The satisfaction which comes with a memory/story behind a piece is so very rewarding. Congratulations! (And I'd love to know more about the family/ reason for your original purchase if you care to share).

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I have 2 chairs. I found them sitting in the rain outside a resale shop a long time ago. They were $25 each. This is the 2nd reupholstery. I found the fabric on ebay long before we decided to do the chairs. I thought I would recover my DR chairs, but then we used it for the LR. It photographed much brighter than it appears in the room.

The family is presidential. A few years ago when I posted a photo of our current president's kitchen on the kitchen forum, I was accused of using the forum for political purposes, which I certainly did not intend. So let's just say this president, to whom I am fantasizing attributing my lamp, is rated the greatest president of the 20th century by Dems and Repubs alike. (It really was an auction of family posessions, but it is a big family.)

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Thank you for the chair pic...it's beautiful!
You rescued them in the rain at $25 each...amazing.

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Keep that cat lamp away from my birds!

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I saw these little metal mice (pic a little dark, sorry) in a shop in Maine and had to have them. I have 2 lanterns on my fireplace and the mice climb one while a jointed wooden monkey hangs from the other. You may also find various sized Woody and Buzz figurines around my house because I love them, and to remind me to never completely "grow up",

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deeinohio, your mice remind me of my birds (above) and "Howie the Cow", who likes to slide down my mantel clock.

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"Anyone else ever do something unexpected?"

Uh, yeah....seems to be my M.O..

And then my hubby says "What are you going to do with that?" And I will just say, "No idea. Yet. Just Trust"

(oh, and cool lamp by the way!)

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Thanks sixtyohno. That would be immensely satisfying to have! I bought a lot of sheets of forever stamps (and prior to that, the ones with postage) of what is most likely the same president, and use them for important people (family) on important occasions:)

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Holly- Kay

Tibs little birds and the other darling animal acquisitions reminded me of my silly little reading mouse. I have a lifelong love of reading and this little mouse caught my eye many years ago and he has guarded these antique books ever since.

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