Water Softener Sizing - SFR vs capacity, Please Help !

hotraviFebruary 9, 2012

Thanking you all in advance for your HELP !

How do I find highest flow rate/pressure and pipe size for my house, how would that help me sizing the softener.

Is there anything to be placed between Gravel Underbed (20 pounds) and Resin (2 cubic feet), or just pour Resisn over the Gravel Underbed ? I would use 12" x 48" fiberglass tank

and 18x33 round brine tank.

Can I get more info on "Select Piping Connectors" while ordering the softener what should I select. 3/4', 1" or 1 1/2" and why??

Is the 64000 grain with Fleck 7000SXT valve size of water softener good for me or go to bigger size??

We use 400 gallon of water daily maximum. (2 bath & washer nothing fancy)

How often would I have to regenerate or program the valve

if I buy above capacity softener.

I am located in Edison NJ and water is supplied by "Middlesex Water Company"

ph 8.0

hardness 270 ppm / 16 - 17 grains per gallon

iron 0 (or) 0.10

Also what is difference between Fleck 7000SXT, Fleck 2510SXT and Fleck 5600SXT Are they all Metered on demand valve??

Can I use 3/4 in. x 24 in. Stainless-Steel and Brass Water Heater Connector to connect the softener to main pipe and out??

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Of I already have lower basket, do I need upper basket too on valve? would it effect the flow?

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You appear to have just enough information to buy the wrong softener so let's slow down...

hardness = 17 gpg
ph = 8 (a little high)
iron = .010 ppm?

What is the manganese and TDS?

How many people in the house?

What size is the plumbing where you will install the softener?

Does the plumbing intercept the water service entering the home?

Do you have a drain and AC outlet at that location?

For SFR, put a bucket under the tub spout and open both hot and cold. Measure how many seconds it takes to put one gallon in the bucket.

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