Venting for bathroom plumbing Calling dr. lazypup!

steamngnFebruary 12, 2013

Hi all!
Redoing a bathroom, need to run new drain and vent lines. In my layout, I have the 3" line coming up to the toilet, and 24" before the toilet a 3 x 3 x 2 wye comes off to go over to the shower. immediately after this wye is a 2 x 2 x 2 wye that goes straight up to the roof for a vent. the lav sink ties into this standpipe in the wall. The sink is ~ 40" from the standpipe and the shower is ~60". the standpipe and shower drains are all 2", the lav sink would be 1 1/2". Question is, is this configuration ok as designed, or does the venting need to be done differently? With this design I am minimizing drilling into floor joists, which run perpendicular to the toilet (so from sink to toilet). Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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I'm certainly not Dr. Lazypup but can say that I'm not exactly understanding your explanation of the line sizes and some terminology. But I can tell you that Ontario building code calls for all plumbing vents be 3" diameter and they tie into a 3" drain and the farthest fixture must be no more than 10' from the vertical vent which you are well within. I believe your drain is the blue line in your drawing you refer to as the main.

I would never drill a 2" hole in a floor joist without taking remedial steps to bolster that joist.

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I know this doesn't address your problem, but i read on the Garden Web Kitchen Table Forum today that Lazypup passed away recently. We will surly miss his plumbing knowledge. You can read about it at the Kitchen Table Forum.

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