Please recommend a hose bibb

marknmtFebruary 22, 2012

I would like to replace the current inexpensive Ace-bought hose bibbs hooking up our washing machine because my wife insists on turning off the supply lines every time she does a load and they seem to require frequent replacement of the faucet washers. She's never confident that they are actually off.

Would a quarter-turn ball such as this be a good choice? It has to thread into galvanized.

LDR 020 7533 1/2-Inch Ball Hose Bibb Valve, Brass

Thanks for any advice.

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There are 1/4 turn valve sets made for washer hook-ups.

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Your link shows me nothing.

FWIW.....linked below is similar to what I use. There are myriad variations. Like your wife, I shut it off when machine not actually in-use.

Here is a link that might be useful: washer shutoff valve

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One machine and most new machines have ATC. If your machine does not have ATC and you control incoming machine's water temperature via adjusting the valves, the single-toggle valve I linked won't work and you'll have to install separate single-valves on each line.

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