Sick Cat. Won't eat after 1 week.

queensonia2001July 4, 2010

I took my healthy, never sick cat (age 3 yrs)to the emergency vet June 26th (Saturday night). He spent 5 days in the hospital, on iv fluid and iv antibiotics. He had a 107.4 temp, and his liver enzymes were over 8 thousand. Yes, you read that right. After an ultrasound they saw his small intestine was inflamed. They decided this is what caused his liver elevations. Ok, so after the HUUUGGEEE vet bill, I bring him home. I have been syringe feeding him his liver med, antibiotic, water, and the a/d food. He refuses to eat. The vet said that was normal. Um ok. He also will not use the bathroom. the vet "expressed" his bladder, and he went. They checked, nothing wrong. So any advice?? I feel helpless, and so tired from syringe feeding him every couple of hours! He's beginning to hate me! He's still quite lethargic. But he will move around, and change where he lays. Oh, and the vet said he might not want to eat and be puking because he has reflux. So we got pepcid. So far, hasn't worked.

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Ask your vet if it is possible that Puss has hepatic lipidosis (fattly liver disease). This can come about as a secondary consequence of prolonged inappetance. It is difficult but possible to may involve a feeding tube directly into the stomach if force feeding doesn't work.

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Has he been back at home for about three days? Are you sure the vet wanted you to feed him every couple of hours day and night, or did he/she just mean during your normal waking hours?

It sounds like he's starting to get a little of his strength back, and when he feels better he should eat on his own.

I'm curious as to what happened to your cat that made him so ill. Did he eat something poisonous?

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Dealing with high liver enzymes, a bacterial infection, and also taking meds can make your cat completely loose his appetite. Forcing him to eat when he doesn't want to will only make him throw up. (Have you ever been so sick you didn't want to eat..know the feeling?)

As lfnyc mentioned, I would ask your vet about the possibility of fatty liver disease and then ask for some carafate to help settle his stomach.
Also ask the vet about trying other canned foods that you think your cat may eat better. Most animals love the a/d but others hate it. Me, I'd try whatever I could get him to eat, even straight tuna if that's what it takes. I'd also leave small bowls of warm food in front of him 24/7 to entice him to eat.

Not going to the bathroom isn't that uncommon when a pet isn't eating or drinking. How long had it been since he'd peed when you took him in to have the badder emptied?

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It had been 2 days since he went potty, before I took him to the vet. The vet said it's just "one of those things" as to why he got sick in the first place. The liver is secondary to his upper intestinal infection. He did say it would take a while for him to get better. I'm just worried, that he will never eat or drink, and either die, or just wither away. I read somewhere that cats can forget how to eat, which seems crazy. I don't know. I can't find a lot of info online. Seems like no one else has had this problem before. Oh, I am worried about him getting fatty liver because of him not eating. Also, he was a bit chubby before all of this happened. Thanks for your help.

Oh, and there's no way that he got into something toxic. I have only used natural cleaning agents (vinegar/water/baking soda). He is an inside cat also.

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Ozzie passed away tonight. He slipped away so quickly. The sadness cannot be spoken. Our hearts are broken. Thank you for any replies I received.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

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Oh, no.

I have been through it and I know that somehow you will find the strength to get through this painful time.

You have my deepest sympathy.

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I am so sorry for you loss, I too know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet. Ozzie is running free at the Rainbow Bridge and will be in your hearts forever.

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I just read the thread... I can't tell you how sorry I am for you, and your cat, much too young to die this way! You must be emotionally and physically drained, and you will always wonder why he passed away so fast... Not knowing the "why(s)", and erasing the last 2 weeks of suffering are always the hardest to deal with. Wish I had an answer for you. You have done all you could for him, and hopefully, the better days will overpower the sad ones.
Thinking of you,

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I am so sorry about Ozzie. We are all thinking of you today.

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Aw, I'm so very sorry. Remember the good times and know that you did what you could. Also, passing quickly is hard on us, but better than lingering for your dear one. Again, sorry for your loss.

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thank you guys. I guess i'm sort of in a state of denial. I haven't spoken to anyone on the phone, facebook, email or in person about it. Just my kids. I just can't bring myself to tell "the story".

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I just read this and I am so sorry for you and this terrible heartbreak and you did the right things.

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You did nothing is in feline DNA not to show pain or discomfort until it is too late to do much about it. Ozzie had a wonderfully loving family for his unfortunately brief life.


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My cat spooky is doing the same thing as Ozzie we are on day 8 I'm thinking I should euthanize him? He is 10.years old and I've been force feeding since he came home from the vet on tuesday.he has iv fluids antibiotics and blood test

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Mary - have you taken him back to the vet since Tuesday? That's been a week...I would take him back or get another opinion.

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