How to match new faucet with old roughin?

elphaba_gwFebruary 13, 2013

Long story short - but we have a newly installed wall-mounted faucet of kind of an obscure brand (Andre Collection) and I don't know the model number. Faucet is installed and looks beautiful but spout is 10 inches from the wall and the drain in our relatively small sink is 6 inches from the wall soo.. I want to see if I can buy replacement spout?
Or given I don't have the model number, I have found another wall mounted faucet that I like (different brand - Kohler) that even has parts available for ordering on the web. But... surely it isn't going to be this easy - will the spout from one wall mounted faucet likely fit into the spout "cavity" (or rougin in?) of another wall mounted faucet? There's a lot more data I can find out - diameter of spout for one thing but wanted to know from the experts if this is probably going to be a lost cause. Any tips?

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It may be doable, depends on how the spout attaches to the roughin. You mentioned the key items, diameter and thread size. If its a straight screw in attachment and the spouts are the same thread and diameter it should work.

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