Help! Frozen Well Pipe

tradertomFebruary 10, 2007

Line from well head to house is frozen. Line runs downhill to house and it appears over time ground has washed away to a point where line is no longer below frost line. I can fix that part of the problem in the spring, BUT ANY SUGGESTIONS WHAT I CAN DO RIGHT NOW TO DEFROST LINE??

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Here's something I posted when someone had a frozen drain pipe. If your pipe is metal there could be other solutions using electricity, but get an expert to do that. The following is what I used on frozen water pipe and what the town uses. The town has about 100' of 1/4 pipe on their propane thawer, but you could add another 100' if need be.
If you get it running I would cover it with about 10-12" of straw or hay until you get through the winter. An alternative to digging it up and lowering it in the spring is to relandscape and get it deeper that way.

if you can borrow or rent a steam thawer that might be the way to go. Many small towns in the northern regions have them. It's a tank, filled with water with a propane heater under it. There will be a flexible 1/4' tubing attached. Fire it up, get steam and begin pushing the tubing down from the top or the bottom...whatever you can access. You feel a resistance and then feel the ice melt away the you will be able to push the tubing a little more. You can go through about a foot per minute once it's fired up good.
The last one I used I borrowed from the town's water dept. It's about an $800 gadget.

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Thanks coolvt, I will look into it. But township depts. are closed till monday (and just about everything else)so I may have to wait till monday to solve this.

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I had a similar problem recently, and mounted a hair dryer next to the incoming pipe (black Polyethylene?) letting it run for about a half hour and tried the pump every few minutes until it began to draw water through the pipe. I estimate my pipe was frozen within a few (2 or 3) feet of where it enters the building. Until today we've had very little snow this winter and I think the frost has penetrated deeper as a result. Now that the line has been thawed I wrapped a heat tape around it as close as I can get it to the entrance point and leave it running 24 x 7. So far, so good.

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