Dogs at home and Working

hammonds_nsJuly 19, 2009

Hi, sorry if this may have been posted before...I was just wondering what people have for living arrangements for their dogs when they are away at work? I am away between 8am-6pm. I have two huskies and I know some people crate their dogs all day but I am not interested in that. My main thing I am wondering about is what people do for their dogs who will go to the bathroom during this time? We have always had newspapers down on the basement floor (concrete/unfinished basement) where they are trained to go during the day, but, the papers don't soak up all the urine etc. which has led to the basement smelling, even though it is cleaned frequently, so I am just wondering if there are other options out there that people do who leave their dogs for the day? Thanks

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my dogs have the run of the house while i am at work but they are all adults, housebroke. the only time i have ever come home to an accident was if one of them was sick and that's only happened a couple of times.

i have a pet cam so i can watch them on my monitor. if i see something wrong, i can come home which (**knock on wood**) has never happened.

do you have anybody you could trust to come in during the day once or twice to let them outside for a potty break and/or take them for a walk? that would be the ideal situation.

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I have a 6 year old dog that has immaculate house manners and would be fine if left for a full work day. However, I don't think it is fair to the dog to do so, so I have a dog walker that comes by everyday to take him out for a stroll midday.

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You can have the concrete floor cleaned with an acid (maybe muriatic acid? can't remember) & then sealed to get rid of the odor.

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Long walking before you go to work, paying for someone to walk them while you are away and long walking when you get home is the best. Walks should be on average of a half an hour. You can purchase cement cleaner for cleaning cement, and I suggest you get a large plastic shallow pan for the dogs to do their business in. Good luck

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Thanks for your suggestions, I was looking for something along the lines of what Mazer said and what may be used for when the dogs have to do their business because right now the papers don't do enough since the urine just goes right through it and on the floor.
We are very outdoorsy people, the dogs are with us at all times when I am not at work and because they are huskies they are walked an hour in the morning for 45-50 minutes and then an hour in the evening when I come home-rain, snowstorms whatever, 7 days a week. We live on 2 acres which was just installed with an invisible fence and each evening we go out with them in the yard and they run all over the place. We free feed the dogs, and so when they are at home in the house while we are at work, they are naturally going to have to go, they know to go to the basement and use the papers, but as I said, they don't do a good enough job of holding the urine, etc.

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I have a retired neighbor who lets mine out every day around noon. He will not take payment, so I cook for him and his wife several times a month. (she is disabled, and he's not big on cooking.) He loves dogs, and I love to cook, so it works out well :) I am planning to move, however I'll be offering him food and a gas card each month if he's willing to drive the few miles to my new place.

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I am gone that long everyday, but my dog seems able to hold it. I leave the house at 7:30 and frequently don't get home until after 6pm. I don't free feed, though, he gets a set breakfast and dinner, so maybe that makes a difference.

If my dog could not hold it, I would come home at lunch or barter with a neighbor. You can probably also find a pet sitting service who can come over and let your dogs out for a fee, but I have had issues with pet sitters, so IMHO neighbor is a better choice.

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