Replacing Trim Kit for Roman Tub

sven_erteFebruary 6, 2010

Hi there,

We have a 20 year old Roman tub faucet on our Jacuzzi. It is a Moen and we are wondering if anyone out there has replaced the visible portion (trim kit) of one similar. Please see image below. Replacing the plumbing below the surface is not an option.

I contacted Moen and they seem to think the handles would be ok with something like a Moen Kingsley Brushed nickel two-handle low arc roman tub faucet. But, the shank that the spout attaches to is 1/16" of an in shorter than the recommended size. Would this be a problem in practice? The recommended size for the shank is to ensure a seal.

And would the handles really fit?



Here is a link that might be useful:

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We had a similar problem in a bath we remodeled.
Our biggest problem was finding out what the brand was so that we could determine what would and wouldn't work with it.
Once we figured that out, we found a spout that fit but the handles didn't fit as tightly as they should. A plastic sleeve that fit under the handle was slightly longer on the new model than the original one. I played around with all the parts, reused some of the old ones, and managed to get everything to fit correctly.

If you can find a large plumbing store (not a big box) and take the old parts in, they should be able to help you. My local store allowed me to bring home fixtures to test-fit until we found something that worked.
Don't feel you have to stay with the same style. We were able to go with one of the newer style models.

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I recently did the same, only with a 25-year-old Price Pfister. Main reason I did it this way is because I do not have an access panel (opposite side of wall is in my kitchen behind a cabinet). The valve is fine as far as I know and can see (can't see inside wall). I did change the cartridge which was very slightly leaking while I was at it. Didn't know what I had or what I needed. Contacted Price Pfister, told them what I had and wanted to do. They asked me a few questions about how the shower valve operates and determined what I had. Once that was done, I was easily able to figure out what trim I could use. First place I looked was eBay. I was able to locate the trim kit I wanted and a matching vanity faucet, both new, for $40 shipped.

Obviously this won't help you with your Moen, but hopefully you will have a similarly simple experience.

Good luck!!!

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I have a Moen Monticello installed on the side of a large soaking tub. It is on the tub and the tub is surrounded by a tile deck. The Moen Monticallo Tub filler is ugly but there's nothing functionally wrong with it. It has the silver and brass mixed metals from the 90's though. Very ugly! I'd love to figure out how to just switch to another faucet/handle. When you switch out to other trim kits, do you usually have to stay with the same manufacturer?

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I wanted to update y'all. I took my Moen Monticello down to the local plumbing supply shop w/pix of the fittings. They said that I can replace the trim kit with any of the Moen tub fillers. They even called their technician to double check this. Now, my tub filler is only about 12 - 15 years old, not 20, so you'll want to check out if this works with your particular valve. I would never have thought of taking this path if not for this discussion thread. Yay gardenweb!

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