Kitchen Remodel - HELP!

AussieDogMomMarch 7, 2013

So my boyfriend and I are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and have come to an impasse. We absolutely can not agree on a countertop. We've pretty much decided that it's between granite and quartz but can't agree on a finish. We've already selected the floor tile - Daltile's Ayers Rock in Rustic Remnant (see photo - however the tile is MUCH more gray in person) and white cabinets. He wants a finish that's more brown and has the marbled look to it, where as I would prefer something that's more toned down - possibly a more solid/neutral color. I believe that the tile is fairly "busy" and a "busier" countertop would just compete with the floor.Does anyone have any feedback? We're scheduled to start demo in a week and if we don't make our minds up soon we'll have a kitchen with no counters!

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Do you have some pics to show us?

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Here's the floor tile. Have the two of you made the rounds of granite places? Taking a piece of tile and a door sample with you can help you visualize better what a counter would look like in your space. You're right, the floor is a bold statement. Something on the light side for a counter top might be a good choice, but you'll need to see it together with the other elements to get a good feel for the effect. If you're not taken with what you see in granite, you might find something just right in one of the quartz lines that is a more uniform surface so as not to compete with the flooring. Satisfying two different people is always a challenge and just takes a while of looking together and finding something that suits both of you. See the light streak in the upper right tile in the photo? Maybe something in that colorway.

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I agree with Suzannes. I would go with one of the more all-over finely speckled patterned quartz tops that wouldn't compete with the floor. Have you seen Antique Pearl by Zodiaq? It's a very lovely neutral gray-beige which looks very classy and would go nicely I think.

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I think it depends on the size of kitchen...assuming it's fairly small....the floor to cabinet contrast will be dramatic...then you get to counter and backsplash with another potential layer of pattern/colors/design/etc. if you get more contrast again at this area it will be too much in a smaller kitchen. I would go for a white with interest[putty or grayish white] to keep continuity between cabs and counter....granite is usually patterned so I'd be looking at quartz and aim for as light as you can consider given your personal taste......obviously you don't mind white if you have white doesn't have to be stark but that family will give you choices. If it's a large kitchen that's a different matter. For some reason I think it's smaller. Do something visual with knobs/hardware. Maybedescribe more about the overall style/look you are seeking.There may be a whitish,serene depends on the piece if it would work....quartz is more uniform.....I see what boyfriend is saying about brown/he wants to warm it up, but you get contrasting layers from floor to cabs to counter to it in a small kitchen !.....he's not wrong, but avoid multiple layers of differing colors if it's small.

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