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cutencuddlyJuly 27, 2010

I was the breeder who posted a while ago. Well, I've been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and we lovingly re-homed all of our babies to GOOD homes (I didn't just give them to anyone and certainly wasn't putting them in a shelter!) except our therapy/service dog Max (Our Golden Retriever we got for our Autistic Son!) My problem is his buddy is gone (who we tried to get back from the rescue he went to 2 days later and they refused to return him to us, My kids want me to activate his chip (AKC) because we believe the rescue sold him which is why they wouldn't return him.. it's a long story) a Shiba Inu who was agressive at feeding time, but Max would eat. Our Shiba's been gone about 2.5/3wks now and it's a fight getting him to eat! Nothing's changed except he's the only dog now, he's definitely lost weight.. I've been keeping up with Frontline/Heartguard so I don't believe it could be heart worm, no extra treats to make him full, except his NuVet Vitamin! He's eaten here and there (in fact he stole my SHRIMP and gulfed it down, but wouldn't eat his kibble (wet or dry he's always eaten!))

Is he just missing his buddy? Is he looking for his approval still to eat? We've tried everything (including our leftovers with his kibble mixed in!) He drinks up a storm, he's peeing a storm and has 3 stools a day that have to come from SOMEWHERE! I'm just lost as to what to do, I never in all my years had a Dog who wouldn't eat (we feed whole earth and switch to Before Grain when they're adults and switch up the flavors!) and he ALWAYS had a voracious appetite.

We're ALL worried about our furry baby, vet said no worms, stool normal, he's normal size he'll be OK but how can he just stay away from SO many meals

Thanks in advance :0)


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Im so sorry to hear about your tumor being thoughts are with you.
As far as your dog not eating, it could be a number of possibilities. Is he getting food elsewhere? Is it possible he is reacting to your condition and not just the loss of his buddies? It could be the loss of his buddies...It could be the food you got turned bad...
Most of my dogs have not been food oriented which means getting a big bag of rice, some hamburger and chicken from costco and some canned dog food from Trader Joes. I also bought Natural Balance duck and potato meat sticks which is a huge hit with every dog I know. My dog taught my friends dogs to not eat it until it was completely dried out - like jerky - weird....Good luck with your pup, if the vet says it is not physical then maybe a trip to the dog park or even just fostering a dog for a hort time might help....Good luck in whatever you do. My best to you and yours.

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I don't have any advice, but wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your illness. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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Cutencuddly, very sorry to hear about your diagnosis :(

My father in law had an inoperable brain tumor that was rather successfully treated with radiation (gamma knife?) His was a slow growing tumor...5 years later, he is doing great.

My husband, 33, had a brain tumor (4cm x 5cm x 6cm) removed beginning of this year and so far doing well. His was Grade II.

I wish you the best of luck and lots of strength. There has been a lot of good progress in medicine and tumor treatment, and there is a lot of hope. I will keep you in my thoughts!

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Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts, I recently learned about the gamma knife (huge doses of radiation rather than s true knife!) and they're preparing me for this as I'm only 34.5 w/ 4 small kids (11 boy, 10 girl, 7 boy, 5 3/4 girl) & it's not completely covered by our plan but we'll just have to make the pre arranged (it isn't cheap but my life is worth it!!!)

Food for our now 10mo old GR isn't "bad" (he's starting to eat in little spurts during the day so we leave it out) he likes trash UGH but I/We keep him away from it! We do feed w/kibble our leftovers he can eat, from time to time he enjoys! He's drinking plenty, and he weighs about 60lbs (he's NOT overweight @ all!) so I guess we'll just keep this for now!

Thanks again for your prayers, it's a grade 3/4 but they say slow growing! I WILL OVERCOME!!!!


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