Whole House Filtration System Recommendation

aleesansingFebruary 22, 2012

We are building a new house and want to install a whole house filtration system in Santa Monica, California. We have chlorine and chloramine in our water.

Can anyone recommend the best whole house filtration system? We can't find any unbiased reviews on the Internet--all of the comparisons on the Internet are published by the companies that sell the product they are reviewing and it's obvious they are slanting their review in favor of their own product.

We are looking for something that doesn't require frequent filter changes and can last a long time. Do we need to get an additional filter under the sink for drinking water?

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If your intention is to filter the chlorine and chloramine at the POE then you go in one direction. Be advised that those antibacterials are in the water for a reason and removing them whole house increases the possibility of a bacterial colonization in your plumbing, appliances, or fixtures.

If your intention is to remove the chlorine and chloramine from your drinking, cooking, and ice cubing (fridge) water then you go in another direction and treat the water at POU.

If your intention is to identify what is in your water and what should be treated then you get your water tested by a certified independent lab. If you're on a municipal water system the water authority can provide you a copy of their mandated testing but they test at the treatment facility and not at your water meter which is a long way any miles of pipe away from that location.

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We are on city water (which isn't very hard) and we also are looking for a whole house water filter system to filter Chlorine and Chloramine. And also a filter for pharmaceuticals.

Most chlorine is injested in the shower and not in drinking water. The POU filters for the shower can't be hidden as well as the POU filters for drinking water in the kitchen, hence my quest for the whole house.

From what I can find out, it looks like even if we have a whole house filter for chlorine/chloramine, we also need to install a POU reverse osmosis filter for our drinking water in order to filter pharmaceuticals.

I also have read numerous reviews, which all sound "slanted". So if you have learned anything that convinces you in favor of one product over another, I would be very interested.

Right now, I'm looking at Aquasana and Puronics. Did you go with a particular product for whole house filtering?

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Ditto. Anyone out there have a whole house water system for chloramines that has been in place a while that they could share their experience with us? It is very difficult to find unbiased information and we would really appreciate some end user feedback. Thanks!

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We have used an Aquasana countertop water filter for many years, and I have been very satisfied with the improved taste (city of Los Angeles water). The diverter on the faucet did stop working just last month, but since we're embarking on a kitchen remodel and weren't going to stay with a countertop version, it seemed pointless to repair or replace.

The people at Aquasana have promised to set us up with an under-sink version for free when we're ready for it. However, I'm now thinking about going to whole-house filtration, both to take the chlorine out of both showers and to keep the space under the sink free :) In the mean time, I am being well reminded of why we installed the filter in the first place!

If their whole-house system is as good as the countertop one, I will be quite pleased. I know they run periodic sales, so I would recommend asking what kind of discount they'd be willing to offer.

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