What's your menu for Easter Sunday?

glenda_alMarch 29, 2013

Son finally told me he and grandson are coming! YEA!!!

Pork loin roast with Ina Garten's marinade
brown rice casserole with mushrooms
Trisha Yearwoods bacon wrapped asparagus bundles
baby spinach salad with candied almond slices, feta crumbles and strawberries with white wine vinegarette

Dessert and snacks

Trisha Yearwoods skillet almond shortcake
chocolate covered strawberries

margarita bites for the afternoon on tortilla rounds

What's on your agenda!

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The girls in our family and I are fixing the following.

Chicken and noodles
Mashed potatoes
Candied home grown sweet potatoes
Green beans home grown
Baked Beans
Deviled Eggs
Homemade yeast rolls
Iced Tea

There may be some other things added to our menu.


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Honey glazed ham,
Scalloped potatoes
Mashed yams w/cinnamon
Brussel sprouts
Asparagus w/Hollaindaise

Yellow cake w/ coconut cream frosting, decorated with jelly beans

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Since it's just me....I'm making BBQ Ribs and Scallopped potatos Sunday.

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Whether we have DS and family or not, I'm making:
Standing rib roast
Mashed potatoes, gravy
Green green spring veggies
Fruit salad - not sure just what yet

Dessert - strawberry shortcake

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Visiting DH and me for Easter will be DS, DDIL and 2 g-kids. Dinner will be:

Spicy Meatballs
Scalloped potatoes
Roasted root vegetable medley
Layered vegetable salad

And for dessert, apple crisp and vanilla ice cream.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Will be enjoying our Easter in Louisiana, my sisters are cooking and from I have been told a huge Brisket and a whole ham, rice dressing, baked beans, green bean casserole, rice and gravy, multiple deserts and much more but I don't remember, as soon as my sister said she was making her fabulous brisket and rice and gravy my brain went to la la land and I was happy happy happy!
My job is to bring the ice LOL The RV park sells ice so I can hopefully handle that. Rain is in the forecast but I hope the kids can at least get out and do the egg hunt thing. I had hoped to swim but this cold spell has cooled off the water.
Looking forward to seeing my Mom again she has not been doing real well but at almost 91 she is doing ok.

Everyone have a wonderful Easter! I may check in from time to time if we have wifi this time.

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I'm having:
Chicken and dumplins
Bar b q ribs
Macaroni and cheese
Lima beans
Mustard greens
Deviled eggs
Mexican Cornbread
Homemade rolls
Blueberry Cobbler & Ice cream
Pecan pie
Lemon Ice box pie
I am feeding 20

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I like to make this cake. It's carrot cake with a layer of creamy cheesecake in the middle. I got the idea from Beantown Baker's blog, and I use her cheesecake recipe but I use a carrot cake recipe from the cooking forum. (pic from Beantown Baker, linked below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Carrot Cake Cheesecake

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We're having a BBQ and swim party. The temps will be around 90 degrees so we're heating up the pool. It will be simple...burgers, hot dogs, and BBQ chicken. There will be a 7 layer salad, Oriental Cole Slaw, Crack Potatoes, cucumber salad, and lots of appetizers to munch on. The grandkids always have clues to find their Easter baskets and then a big egg hunt.

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Going to daughters. She is fixing ham, a potato casserole and asparagus. I am contributing pineapple casserole and the traditional pickled eggs and beets. Wouldn't be Easter without them. Another family member is bringing a seven layer green salad.

For dessert, daughter made Easter decorated sugar cookies. She brought me a tray to sample yesterday. She also made nut roll and apricot breads, and her to die for frozen mocha pie.

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Roasted fresh garbanzos
Fresh fava bean dip
Raw veggies, crackers
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin
Beef tenderloin
New potato, leek and asparagus tart
Roasted golden cauliflower
Green salad
Fresh strawberry pie

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Country Sunflower

We had a dinner planned with Larry's family here .... but his Aunt passed away and so we are leaving this am to our other home... as that is where there funeral will be. We leave this am and probably won't be back before Tuesday or Wednesday.. and no internet there.... as we don't spend enough time to warrant a connection and we don't have a lap top yet,.

Hounds x two's beef tenderloin sounds wonderful as do all the other meals planned..

Happy Resurrection Day.


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I moved back to PA March 3rd and this will be the 1st Easter in 14 yrs that I get to cook for my youngest son & his family. Tired of the same 'traditional' Easter fare-he requested something different, so I'm doing a 'mini tasting buffet'-TOTALLY "out of the box"!
Appetizer Round:
Hard Salami Roll-ups
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
Deviled Eggs
Relish Tray

Round 2:
Baby Back Ribs
Baked Haddock
Yankee BBQ Chicken
Steak Sliders
Potato Latkes
Lettuce Salad

"Sweet Tooth Time"
Decorated Bunny cookies (doing in a few minutes)
Chocolate covered bacon
Brownies w/Fluffy peanut Butter Icing
Blueberry Delight w/ice cream & warm butter sauce

Gotta get going..Happy Bunny To ALL!!!!

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I looked for a little ham yesterday but decided not to pay $10 for a couple bites of meat. I then found a manager special for a big beef roast and got it. Going to slow cook it with red wine and fresh mushrooms. Lauren and Duray colored eggs last night so I'm also making potato salad with those and maybe some deviled eggs. Sister Shubert dinner rolls...and probably some peas and mushroom frozen veggies I also bought last night.

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Ymm, everything sounds delicious!

Just took skillet almond shortbread out of oven and looks and smells good.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Garlic Green Beans
Sweet and Spicy Carrots
Parker House Rolls by Bobby Flay
Strawberry âÂÂShortcakeâ Dessert

There will be fewer of us than originally believed and those of us left decided we needed to cut way back for our smaller appetites. Wanted to make a leg of lamb this year and was immediately overridden. Hopefully, I can find a really good recipe and make it sometime this year - I have never had leg of lamb.

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No dinner plans on Easter for us. Instead, our kids and their SOs are coming over tonight and fixing dinner for us and then tomorrow morning we are all headed to a fire station in the local canyon for their annual $5 all you can eat fundraiser Easter breakfast. That will be followed by a hike in the hills near the fire station. DH and I did this last year and really enjoyed it so we're taking the kids this year.


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I finally have a menu: Glenda's Eggs Benedict, cheese potato bake, fruit salad, apple strudel, berry strudel, coffee cake and cut out sugar cookies for dessert. Also of course orange juice, coffee, tea. I may also do a cool whip-jello-pineapple dish if I have time. There will be 10 of us and then in the evening my daughter will have dinner for 6 of us. I don't know what she is planning but I know it will be good! Have a blessed holiday. Satine

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Toni S

Its a pot luck so the menu will change and there is always more than I know is coming..

Ham and Turkey
Broccoli Salad
Cheesy (hash brown) potatoes
vegetable casserole
deviled eggs
Corn casserole
Lemon meringue pie, peach pie, and probably blueberry cobbler too.
I can't remember a few things others are bringing. My old mind is giving out.

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Most likely a peanut butter and Nutella Sandwich... LOL, I am going to drive almost two hours... to Tulsa, and join the local bike club for a ride... and then spend the late afternoon and evening with Master Gardener friends.

No time for a sit down dinner... :)


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papaya and tomatilla salsa
new potatoes with herbs
roasted asparagus
green salad (if I feel like it)
gluten-free chocolate cake

Somehow I just HAVE to have a chocolate dessert with Easter dinner! It was always a tradition in my family.

We will make something a little different for dd who will join us tomorrow, as she is vegetarian and very gluten-intolerant.

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I am hosting at my house this year. My husband is really the only one who really eats ham, so we decided to do without and do a Brunch menu.

Spinach Quiche (yum), scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, asparagus, biscuits, hashbrowns, fresh fruit salad and OJ. Kids and I are making a chocolate bunny cake for dessert.

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Mom and I are driving down to my brother and his wife's home tomorrow. She'll probably have ham but I'm not sure what else. Said not to bring anything.

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We are joining "framily" for dinner. I have been informed that we will have:

Honey baked Ham
Lamb chops
cheesy potatoes, I am making with Swiss cheese, bacon and leeks, all baked au gratin.
green bean casserole
Bunny cake
other stuff brought by guests

Have a wonderful Easter!

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Hi Glenda and all,

We had our Easter dinner today at Harry's sister's home. It was nice enough it have it outside so it was enjoyable. Wish you could have seen the food tables! When we got back to our room, I wrote down everything we had that I could remember. It looks like Marilyn_Sue's menu!

Glenda, your pineapple casserole was a big hit. None of them had tasted it before and there was very little left.

Fried chicken
Macaroni and cheese
Squash casserole
Potato salad (with onlon)
Potato salad (w/o onion)
Ditalini salad
Green bean casserole
Scalloped pineapple casserole
Buffalo chicken dip with scoops
Lettuce salad
Deviled eggs
2 large relish trays
Sweet tea
Unsweetened tea


Peach cobbler
2 pecan pies
4-Day butter cake with coconut frosting (delicious)
Marshmallow Whip cheesecake
(Another cake???)

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for the first time in ages we're going to ds1 house...normally they're gone but the grands went to fl with nana...i think they're grillling salmon...we're bringing angelfood and strawberries...the saddesrt part? dd2 will be coming alone..she and her dh are gettig a divorce...and her kids must be going to be with him...we'll miss them..havn't seen them for a month....

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