Toilet does not drain down

chuehFebruary 23, 2012

The toilet tank and its mechanism works just fine, yet the water does not flush things into the drain.

It happened a few days ago the same way. Then, we used plunger. It worked again. Now it happened again. I am wondering if there is a more serious problem for our draining pipe or something. It had worked fine for all 5 and a half years here.

What can we do and should do.


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something went down that is blocking the drain, like a Qtip or feminine hygiene product. It could be either in the bend of the toilet or further down. Sounds like you need a snake.

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Simple test. Quickly pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. If it flushes well, the problem is not with the drain, but is higher up. If it does not flush well, the problem is in the toilet trapway or the drain after that.

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