introducing sheldon and t-bone

NinapearlJuly 24, 2011

here are the latest additions (and LAST!) to my petting zoo.

this is sheldon...

and t-bone...

it's been beastly hot here and they were weaned a short time ago so they are a bit thin. shouldn't take long to bulk the little guys up. like my other 3 (all does), sheldon and t-bone are fainting goats.

they are already very tame and come running every time i go out. here is the whole herd...

i can't wait for this heat wave to get over so i can spend more time with them!! :)

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Oh so cute! My friend has 2 small-breed goats and they are like dogs.

Do you breed/milk them?

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Nina, they are just ADORABLE!!!!! How so very cute they are!! And I love how different their colors are. T-bone's spots are so neat. Each one is cuter than the next!! They will definitely bring a smile to your face every day!!!

Congratulations!! Are you done collecting? Or not???

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nope, elly, no breeding or milking. they are just pets. they're wonderfully affectionate and love to be petted. it's just SOOO beastly hot here but i do try to spend a little time each day with them. they love love LOVE oak leaves and sassafrass leaves so i often cut branches and sit on a little bench and they all clamor for leaves and attention. :)

the boys are still small enough to pick up and cuddle and they are simply too hard to resist!

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murraysmom, the only other addition i plan to add is a pot belly pig in 2 or 3 weeks. i have a friend who raises them and she has been trying, for years, to talk me into one. she says they are great pets, very smart and quite lovable. i have my doubts! LOL! she said if i find that i don't care for the pig, she will take her back. i have named her "porkahontas". :D

i had not realized how much my does had grown until i got the boys home. they are so tiny in comparison. it's hard not to scoop them up and hug them! sheldon is one of triplets. he was so bossy, he kept pushing the other 2 away from the "fountain" so the breeder took him in the house and bottle fed him for 2 weeks to give the other two a better start. needless to say, he thinks he is a puppy!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

How big is the pot belly pig supposed to get??

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she's the miniature vietnamese pot belly pig and i think they get around 60# at maturity. they sure are cute little babies but i'm not sure they're so "cute" when they are full grown. i'll see what she's like...i wouldn't take her except for the fact that i know she can go back to the breeder if i don't care for her. i've been around every farm animal there is, except pigs! i understand the pot belly pigs are quite different than farm pigs. i guess i'll find out soon!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I think that must be the kind of pig that lives in my neighborhood. The people have a fenced in yard and have a lot of vining type plants growing up the fence so you can't really see in too much. But I know there is a pig there because she came to the fence once and stuck her nose out when I was walking Murray. Murray liked her right away. She lives with 2-3 dogs and I know she has a dog house but I think she must stay inside too. She seems friendly, quiet and doesn't stink. I don't think you can ask more than that from a neighbor!!

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Very cute Nina. We are roasting in Oklahoma so I know what you mean.

Can't wait to see the pig.

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my friend who is bringing the piggy is also bringing her little goat here. i have been waiting for her to get him neutered which was supposed to happen this week so if all goes as planned, the goat ("joker") and the piggy will arrive a week from saturday.

LOL murraysmom, if only ALL neighbors could be so nice!! ;)

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i was at the farm supply store the other day, looking at hay feeders. couldn't find any that i liked but found a few of these propped up at the end of the dog kennels...

i asked the guy what they were and he said they were from an old display they no longer used. i offered him 5 bucks and he said ok so i picked up two of them. i slapped one up just to see how it would work and it's PERFECT!!!...

i will put the other one up on the opposite wall. together, these will hold enough hay for several days, at least, during the winter.

i got so bored one day this week and decided to heck with the heat, i HAD to get outside and do something physical! so, i dragged some logs up out of the timber and made the gang a little playground...

i also hooked up my little trailer, ran to town and picked up another spool for them. they LOVE those things! they sleep on the big one all night in a little goat heap. LOL

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Goats just wanna have fun!!!! LOL While the big dogs look on with great longing!! The little goats look so happy!!

Great idea for the hay feeders!! That's thinking outside the box!!

Sure looks like you are having a ball with all the new critters!!

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LOL, pea and bentley would love nothing better than for me to open the gate and let them in but that is NOT gonna happen! ashley, my senior dane, just doesn't see the point in over-exercising!

i really am have a blast with the goats. they are so tame now and every time they see me outside, they all come running to the gate. more than once, i have tripped over a goat trying to climb up my leg. :O

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