Can cat jump over 2 foot high baby gate?

phish_gwJuly 12, 2011

Can a cat jump over a 2 foot high baby gate if I am trying to keep him in a room? What if I stack 2 baby gates on top of each other so it is 4 feet (I don't know how secure that would be but I'm hoping he couldn't jump over it)

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My cats can make it onto my 3 foot high kitchen counter in a single jump with hardly any effort- unfortunately! I don't think 2 stacked gates will deter a cat either if it really wants out. I've seen the cats run up the six foot fence outside many times- another fairly easy feat for them with their back claws which they use very effectively for traction. I'm thinking the only solution for you would be a crate for short-term confinement.

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Absolutely, on a 2' gate. I'd bet on the cat on the 4' double gate, too. My cat, 3 yo, doesn't even need a "wind-up" to go from floor to counter-top, fairly high bed, windowsills.

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If you have a dedicated room where you need to keep a cat secure, you may find it worth the effort to install a cheap screen door, preferably with spring closure to snap shut quickly. It does not impede air circulation, it provides total area security, and you can still see and hear through it.

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Oh my goodness yes. When I've had cats in the past, they would have no trouble at all with a gate of that height.

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A cat can hop over a 2-foot barrier without even crouching.

If you stack two gates to make a 4-foot barrier they may need to crouch and wiggle their butt a bit before they jump over it. Or they will scramble up the mesh and bars to get over the top, like ninja commando-cat.

The only way to keep a cat in or out of a room is to close the door ... and if you have lever-handled locks, you may need toddler guards or replace the handles.

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Cats and kittens can jump or climb over baby gates of any height unless they completely fill the doorway from top to bottom like so:

This setup is easier if you have two entrances to the room so that you don't have to keep removing the center gate to climb over (which can be darned inconvenient over time). The alternative, as someone else mentioned, is to replace the door temporarily with a sturdy screen door made out of hardware cloth (not flimsy vinyl screening that cats can easily tear through).


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I have to amend my reply a little. Any HEALTHY kitten or cat can jump or climb multiple baby gates. Cats with physical limitations like obesity, arthritis, some chronic illnesses, lamenesses, etc. may not be able to navigate even a single gate.


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