Help! - Need opinions on island seating plan (time sensitive)

new_2_njMarch 21, 2013

Hi all,

kitchen is gutted. The framing/rough plumbing are happening today and tomorrow. Below is our plan. As I was planning what was going in each cabinet, I realized that we may have more cabinet space than we need. I'm now thinking that we may be better off adding an additional seat at the island. Right now the island is 1" overhang, 1" end panel, 21" drawer bank, 18" sink cab, 30" rollout, 1" overhang. I'm thinking of adding a seat to the LR end of the island. I'm not sure of the exact spec's but I'm thinking 14" overhang, 4" knee wall, 6" cab for cutting boards, 18" sink, 18" drawer bank, 18" rollout, 1" overhang. I should also note the seating portion of the island is a higher level, as per the photo below from Houzz.

Contemporary Kitchen by Denver Kitchen And Bath Exquisite Kitchen Design

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Would you keep the new overhang for the extra seat at countertop height or raise it to the same height as your other seats as per the picture? Main problem I see with raising it, is losing all that counter space to the left of your prep sink. If you kept it at counter height, maybe just scoot a matching stool under there, and pull it out for seating when needed?

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My thought was to raise it for consistency and to have the ability to have a more face to face experience with a fellow sitter, but your suggestion is definitely a possibility. I've been thinking about that counter to the left and I haven't been able to figure out what I'm going to do there. Prep will be to the right because it's larger and closer to the triangle. Perhaps wrapping up leftovers, but that can certainly be done in the prep area. I'm not sure that we will miss it.

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I like the idea of scooting the extra stool under the counter as needed. I think you want to keep the line of sight open from the living room to the kitchen without having the height of the breakfast bar getting in the way. If you put the extra stool close by that fourth person will figure out how to get comfortable using the space they have to work with.

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