Perpetual Calendar/organizer.

ivamaeMarch 28, 2013

Do any of you know of a calendar software, where you can enter daily appointments,, birthdays, anniversaries, and save them so that they will alert you continuously for years, or weeks or days, etc? I have Create a Card software now and it will work up to Windows XP,but if I update my computer beyond that, it is no longer useable. Apparently, they no longer make this program. I don't use it any more for making cards, stationary, etc. but I do love this Forget Me Not portion. I have tried Yahoo and Google calendars but am not happy with them. Any suggestions?


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Yes, I have had one on my computer for YEARS. Love it.


Here is a link that might be useful: the calendar I use

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I don't use software for this. I use a write-in calendar called a-week-at-a-glance.

I add in a few sheets in front and back. On the back sheets, I record anniversaries, birthday, etc.

Inside and on the front page, I add a pocket pouch. I toss all my long range doctor and dental appointments in there as well as enter those on the calendar date. Some appointments span over the year end and will be entered in a new calendar at the appropriate time.

For this to be effective, I do have to make it a habit to look at this calendar in the morning before breakfast.

o The batteries have never run down - no batteries.

o The hard drive has never crashed - no hard drive and no moving parts.

o Withstands high and low storage temperatures.

o At the end of the year, provides a written record of activities for the year.

o Computer upgrades and change of operating system does not affect it.

o Not affected by computer failures.

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JemDandy, I have and use one of them too. Very convenient for taking along.

But in all honesty, I love my computer one also. It comes up when I first boot the puter up, and gives audible notices, when events show up.

It's really handy, as long as you remember to put events on there.


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I use Google Calendar, and set alarms. What do you not like about it?

You might try something like Birthday Alarm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Birthday Alarm

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Joann, I like mine, cause in case of modem failure, it still comes on. I do not have to be online!


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I use Birthday Alarm for yearly dates--birthdays, anniversaries etc You set how much in advance you want the information and it notifies you several times.

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Okay, that makes sense, Moni.

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