How do you clean your Chef King Griddle?

Kitten1313March 26, 2014

I just got mine yesterday, a 4 burner 7 gauge steel one. I'm already in love. :) I seasoned it. I think I did a pretty good job, though the process made it pretty clear that the burners don't heat extremely evenly. There are four dark brown circles on the griddle from where it lays over the burners, whereas the middle is not as seasoned.

Anyhoooo, how do I clean this bad boy? Last night I grilled vegetables on it, using just a bit of vegetable oil and used my spatula to scrape off any scraps. This morning I made pancakes and bacon, which left quite a bit more debris.

Do you use water on the hot griddle (hibachi style)? Or just scrape? Do you use a special tool? What should it look like after it's been cleaned?


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Not sure about the Chef King, but If it's similar material, (3/8" cold rolled steel), I can tell you about my Bluestar griddle that's been used daily for over a year. I've never used soap, and only used small amount water (when hot, as a de-glaze), a couple of times. Other than that, when finished cooking, and still warm, I scrape it with a flat spatula, or use this stainless drywall knife which works ideal! Then just a wipe with a paper towel.
In other words, I treat it as I do my vintage cast iron time, it will become more and more non stick, and eggs will slide right off :)

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Thanks for the photo and reply. I need to do a better job scraping - mine looks a little gunkier than that. I'm obsessed with cooking on it!

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If you have a gunk build up, try he Scotch brite stainless scrubs ... they work great for getting back down to a smooth surface, but remember no soap, detergent or cleansers! oil or water only...

Here is a link that might be useful: SS scrubs

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Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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