Kitten climbers

michelle_phxazJuly 26, 2011

I can't afford one of the big kitty condos, so I made one myself. We use our luggage to store out-of-season clothes, and then we piled them up at different angles so the rescue kittens I have can jump and play. The material on the soft luggage (the sort of itchy fabric) helps them cling on and they build up their muscles fast and now I have 5 strong, healthy kittens.

NOTE: make sure there are no loose loops and that the luggage is securely zipped to prevent accidents. Also, when you stack them, make sure it is sturdy enough so the mountains will never fall.

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Great idea. It is also inexpensive to go to a remnant carpet place, get some remants and some inexpensive wood or go to a construction site and ask for some pieces of wood, it is easy enough to use a staple gun to attach the carpet to the wood.
It is important for cats to be able to climb, not only is it great for their muscles, but it makes them healthier in their behavioral health

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I believe if you talk about kittens or puppies you are required to post a pic. It's a rule. :-)

Sounds like they're doing well.

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