How long should it take a master plumber to do the following jobs

seaswirlFebruary 6, 2014

1. Connect a gas stove - gas line and flexible tubing are there.
2. Connect 2 bathroom sinks & faucets - plumbing is already there.
3. Replace 1 toilet.
4. Connect dishwasher - plumbing is there.
5. Install tub/shower trim w/extension kit.

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1. 15 minutes
2. totally depends on the kind of sink, countertop, and drain configuration. Anywhere from a few hours to a whole day.
3. 2 hours, but may need a helper
4. 2 hours.
5. not really a plumbing job

I edited this to say the toilet may require a helper.

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About a day or less, but need more info. Did he install the sink fixtures, too? Were the faucets one-piece or separate (wide-spread)? Why are you asking? What happened? Also, did he charge flat rate per job, or by the hour? Lots of guys are doing the flat-rate thing.

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New construction or remodel,6 hours. If plumbing isn't new plus old toilet must be salvaged, 8 hours and possibly a secound trip if rough plumbing and/or toilet flange is bad.
If someone else already "fixed" it ,it might easly take two days.

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